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The Effect of the Mommy Track and Intersectionality on Gender Equality

Professor Toriseva's SUNY-GCC 2016 Class
            It was clear to me after reading the comments on my previous blog post that I needed to further develop points on topics that I briefly talked about in my last post. Two commentors told me that it would be a good idea to read the articles that they posted in their comments so that I...

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Decline Of Bees Podcast Script

Management of the Biophysical Environment - 2016
Ryan Smith                                                                 Decline of Wild Bee Podcast What is often viewed as a common annoyance is actually a gift in disguise. The Wild Bee population is declining. That should definitely alarm you because bees perform some vital tasks that benefit...

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Medical Knowledge: It's evolution and how observation plays a part

Early Modern Knowledge (Fall 2016, Section 17)
Published in 1792, the 12th edition of William Cheselden’s The Anatomy of the Human Body is unlike any book of anatomy you’ve ever seen. Its size is comparable to a novel you may find on your bookshelf; the 300+ page textbook is approximately 15cm wide by 25cm long and weighs about half a kilogram...
Provisional Polygon

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Early Modern Medicine: Far From the Medicine We Know

Early Modern Knowledge (Fall 2016, Section 17)
Mercurius Compilalitius: or, a Guide to the Practical Physician is the extravagant title of this three-hundred-year-old book written by Theoph Bonet available at the Osler Library for consultation. The binding is half ripped off due to its age. Its cover is hard and woody, with nothing written on...

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From Astrology to Herbalism : A True Paradigm Shift

Early Modern Knowledge (Fall 2016, Section 16)
Empirical Observations   The English Physician Enlarged With Three Hundred and Sixty Nine Medicines Made of English Herbs is a medical book by Nicholas Culpepper, a student in physic (medicine) and astrology. Published in 1794, The English Physician Enlarged focuses on herbal medicine and its...

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Herbs, Astrology and Early Modern Medicine

Early Modern Knowledge (Fall 2016, Section 16)
Empirical Observations: The book that was analyzed at the Osler Library was The English Physician Enlarged with Three Hundred Sixty Nine Medicines Made of English Herbs by Nicholas Culpeper. The copy of this book at the Osler Library was published in 1794. It was written in English, which was...

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Trump and Modern Racism

Race and Racism Fall16 Gr.544
Yisel Perez Aguiar  Anthropology 381-204-LA  The myth of race and the reality of racism  Group 544  October 19th 2016  Trump and modern racism  Racism is a rather recent ideology. People did not feel the need to use race as a way to control minorities until the late 17th century. ...

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Native American Costumes: Appalling or Beautiful?

Race and Racism Fall16 Gr.544
With Halloween season coming up, many are anxious to decide what they will dress up as this year. Among mythical creatures like fairies and werewolves, we can find some more realistic costumes that represent real groups of people, such as Native Americans. While some may think that it is acceptable...

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Does the wage gap exist?

Professor Toriseva's SUNY-GCC 2016 Class
Does the wage gap exist? Yes but not at the 79 cents per every man’s dollar like people keep quoting, its actually 93 cents per every man’s dollar. People say its 79 cents because of a study that doesn’t account for the fact that women are generally in lower paying jobs. If you compare men and...

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PTSD CBS Radio news (blog)

Professor Toriseva's SUNY-GCC 2016 Class
PTSD is mental disorder which many Americans may never come in contact with. For someone in the military though, it’s very possible that if they go into war they may come out with PTSD. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder wasn’t put into the APA until 1980, so what would happen to a military veteran...

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Does raising the minimum wage lift you out of poverty?

Dr. Kaldor's Intro to Soc
              2014 2014 2014 2014   State % households Min % poverty Medium     with 15-24 year olds Wage level Income   New York 36.00% $9.00 36.50% $41,009   Pennsylvania 31.40% $7.25 48.10% $32,476   Texas 27.80% $7.25 26.60% $55,216   New Mexico 33.30% $7.50 30.30% $50,213

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Who Will Pay if The Taps Run Dry?

Management of the Biophysical Environment - 2016
          This post will provide a brief summary of a news article posted by CBC News, Kitchener-Waterloo, on September 26, 2016. The article, written by Kate Bueckert, is titled “Why Nestlé's Aberfoyle well matters so much to Guelph, Ont., residents”. Following the summary, a brief discussion of thoughts and opinions regarding the article will be provided.

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Climate Change: The Worst of the Wicked

Management of the Biophysical Environment - 2016
            Climate change seems to have our undivided attention as its effects span every cultural, social, and economic reach of our earth’s populace. In a nutshell, carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere resulting from anthropogenic activity has initiated the rapidly accelerated warming of temperatures globally. We hear through the media on a regular basis, just how imperative it is that we halt the rise before it exceeds unrecoverable levels and drastic changes begin to occur in every facet of the environment.

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Nuclear power is not a viable path forward, but rather a giant leap backwards

Management of the Biophysical Environment - 2016
With climate change at the forefront of most environmental discussions, scientists have taken it upon themselves to seek out a viable path forward towards achieving our climate targets by 2050. Clean energy and a move towards decarbonization has been distinguished as the most urgent task. Scientists conclude that through the use in nuclear power, whole civilizations can be powered and carbon emissions can be dramatically lowered. Nuclear power is being characterized as environmentally advantageous in comparison to alternative for of energy.

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Spiraling away from the Renewable

Management of the Biophysical Environment - 2016
The Pacific Northwest LNG project was announced in 2013; a $36 billion gas project that’s an extension of the Petronas Company. It would export 19 million tons a year of liquefied gas to markets in Asia, while contributing more than 5 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, annually. This project would be beneficial to Canada’s economy and as such, the Liberals have granted approval, alongside the federal government of British Columbia, who has granted conditional approval of the LNG project.

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Wastewater Emissions - An Overlooked Source?

Management of the Biophysical Environment - 2016
The purpose of this article is to reveal a discrepancy in the the estimates put forth by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) regarding global wastewater fossil carbon in their total greenhouse gas emissions. According to the IPCC their model when considering wastewater emissions relies on assuming that the carbon contained and released from wastewater is non-petroleum based – for example human waste.

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National Parks: The Pressures of Development

Management of the Biophysical Environment - 2016
National Parks: The Pressures of Development

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Is 'Ecolabelling' The Way Forward For Sustainable Fishing?

Management of the Biophysical Environment - 2016
The decline of marine species is having troubling affects on fisheries around the world. In an interview with marine biologist Dr. Worm, Mike Adams uses his expert opinions and recommendations to document the issue in greater depth. The article and interview covers the problem of commercial fishing of every corner of our planets oceans, with many of the fisheries now failing. During the interview, Dr. Worm exaggerated how unsustainable the sea life population is as a leading food source of the world.

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Racial Identity

Race and Racism Fall16 Gr.545
Lalonde, Jones and Stroink (2008), analyze and study the influence of racial identity and racial attitudes on the socialization approaches and tactics used by black Canadian parents to deal with the racism and discrimination that is present in our modern society, regarding them.

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