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Adam1215 in Human Biology
December 10, 2014 Sylvester Stallone once said, “Remember the mind is your best muscle…BIG ARMS can move rocks, but BIG MOVES can move mountains…ride the brain train for success…”  A study suggests that Stallone hit...

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lucerodesposorio in Human Biology
December 10, 2014
                  In recent years, humanity has faced an antibiotic resistance problem that has caused patient treatments to be more difficult and the death of many. A new research conducted by Vanderbilt University’s biologists, gives insight about an untapped source of antibacterial drugs that...

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idonaldson in Human Biology
December 9, 2014
           The word “virus” has a lot of negative connotations associated with it, and usually the word is associated with illnesses, such as influenza, HIV/AIDS, and of late, Ebola. However, in the New York Times article, “Viruses for a Cure,” science writer and blogger Carl Zimmer explains how...

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cszczepanski in Human Biology
December 9, 2014
The article I chose is titled, “ Could a Japanese mushroom extract eradicate HPV?”, by Honor Whiteman from the Medical News Today website. In this article researchers from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston are working on a study of Japanese mushrooms in hopes of abolishing...

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Biswass10 in Human Biology
December 9, 2014 Salil Biswas Prof. N. Decker Human Biology (BIO 109) P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }A:link { }   I first read about Tibetan adaptation at high elevations in chapter 1 (pg. 6) of the textbook. It was a fascinating article, so I read more...

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Lynette.Litts in Human Biology
December 9, 2014
    Have you ever had to go to an important appointment, but couldn't remember where your car keys were? The article, “Dietary Cocoa Flavanols Reverse Age-Related Decline in Mice”, provided by The Columbia University Medical Center, immediately caught my attention. One reason is, I love chocolate!...

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grayk51 in Human Biology
December 9, 2014
Kirstin Gray In 1918 the world experienced a massive pandemic that took nearly 50 million people’s lives. In fact it took 1 in 200 victims, aged between 18 to 29 years old. It was widely known as the Spanish flu, or H1N1. The Spanish flu was considered a medical mystery mostly due to the fact that...

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faulkneg93 in Human Biology
December 8, 2014                     Did you know that bees, a source of fear and pain for many, may hold the secret to fighting antibacterial-resistant diseases?  I learned this surprising new idea from the article “Bacteria from Bees Possible...

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sstep2 in Learning to Learn
December 2, 2014
Educational Anxiety Ever prepare thoroughly for an exam, paying attention in class, studying for hours on concepts, equations or theories? Feeling well prepared you make your way to class and along comes the anxiety. Heart starts to race, chest tightens, breathing shortens, hands get clammy and you...

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After an extensive discussion with our American counterparts, we discovered that our standpoints on fracking were more related than diverse. Common knowledge states that fracking may have severe impacts on public health (e.g. contamination of water supplies) and the environment (releasing methane...

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Student Writing


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Today, I will talk about my way of thinking how to success. In last class, we learned Richard St. John’s research about what we need for success. I don’t know what success is, but I am able to expect it. I guessed it is that dreams come true and to be able to do something what I want, and then I thought there are some things that lead for it. Those things that I think are three here. Confidence and think nothing

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Today, I will recommend two theme parks. I recommend Fuji Q Highland and Tokyo Disney Resort. Which do you like? I will tell you about each theme park’s different point and famous ride.

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Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the middle east, and is ranked last by the 2014 Global Gender Gap Report (which mixes political and economic empowerment, health and education) making it « the worst place for women on earth ». Admittedly, one as observed progress since a few years. The Arab Spring has had incontestable consequences on the women’s ability to speak up. Indeed, they had a very strong role in the revolution - which started in early 2011, by taking over the streets, and burning their niqab to protest against inequalities in a context of democratic transition.

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Group 3 Our group chose to discuss the shell oil spill in Nigeria in further detail. Shell was repeatedly warned by its own employees about the pipeline leaking but did not take fault until the pipeline burst in November 2008. Theft along the oil pipeline is uncontrollable, and it is thought that the JTF and police are allowing this to take place only if they are paid off. Key stakeholders are Shell and the military forces.

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Introduction Hello, I watched the movie “success by Richard St. john 8 words in 3minutes” in the writing class. I thought about what success is. Then I would like to write my opinion about passion, work, good, my definition of success and so on.   Passion

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       Hello, today I would like to tell you about music. Japan has a big TV program at the end of the year. It is “a singing contest between a male and a female team of popular singers, sponsored annually by NHK on New Year’s Eve”. Today is December, I would like to look up Music.

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Success (refresh)   Do you know how to come true your success you want? I think nobody knows about the method because there will be no failed persons if everybody have the knowledge. However, I think there are many keys for the success. I am going to give three keys of them.   Making plans

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What do you imagine about a traditional clothing? It may include ethnic clothing. I would like to introduce one of the Japanese traditional clothing this time. It has many types, which has been worn for a long time. Now, please read this article, and let's find out the fun of a Japanese traditional clothing!

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Editor's Pick

     Girls are often restricted and told what to wear and what to do, mostly by their parents, teachers and school principals.  Where I went to highschool, we had a dress-code.  Girls were allowed to wear shorts and skirts, but they had to be at knee-length or longer.  This was boldly specified in the school rules section of our agenda.  Meanwhile, for boys, the dresscode was simple: a polo, pants or shorts.  Nowhere did it specify how long the shorts had to be, and on a few occasions, some boys wore short shorts.