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The article “’Racist’ Halloween costumes stir debate” by Marlene Habib of CBC News posted on October 27th, 2011 discusses the issue of people wearing Halloween costumes that some members of different ethnic groups find rather offensive, and well, racist. A campaign was launched by Ohio University’s...

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In my Gendered World Views class, we recently learned about the relation between sports and hegemonic masculinity. What stuck out to me is a certain part of a reading derived from Handbook of Studies on Man and Masculinities where Michael Messner talks about men's health in sports. The reason I...

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     Girls are often restricted and told what to wear and what to do, mostly by their parents, teachers and school principals.  Where I went to highschool, we had a dress-code.  Girls were allowed to wear shorts and skirts, but they had to be at knee-length or longer.  This was boldly specified in...

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Hanging around male friends, I've heard sexist comments directed towards me as "jokes", and honestly, I've been guilty of laughing along and replying with an equally sexist comment, all in the name of good fun. But was laughing the correct behavior in this situation or should I have felt offended...

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Tough Guise 2 hit me as one the hardest revelations I have ever experienced before. Since the beginning of my memories anything and pretty much everything I can remember has some how linked into what kind of man I should have become. The film brought up how men have been policing themselves to...

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As much as society would like to peg woman as a leading cause for "de-masculization" it seems that more and more its the realization of young men that the roles society has determined for them are not as glamourous as Hollywood makes them out to be. Why is it that stoic is the best attribute to...

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            Fitting in is a key desire for most people today, however it appears that there is an extra pressure on men to conform to certain ideals in order to be accepted by their peers and ultimately fit in. When these ideals are not met in the desirable fashion they are often victim of severe...

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The article “Is Everyone a Little Bit Racist?” by Nicholas Kristof on the New York Times website from August 27, 2014 explains how young African-American males are the subjects of racism and stereotyping by society as a whole. This problem is largely caused by those who do not think of themselves...

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         The article “The One Place in Canada Where Racism is Still Tolerated: Native Reserves” by Jonathan Kay, printed in the National Post on September 22, 2014, reports how the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake continues to enforce a law that forbids mixed-race couples from living within the borders...

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            On 28 of January 2012, the New York Times published the opinion-based article "Ritalin Gone Wrong" by L. Alan Sroufe. Even though he does not cite his sources, this professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Minnesota's Institute of Child Development did argued a valuable...

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Student Writing

Hi my name is Justin T. Watson. I'm a sophomore at SUNY Delhi, I'm majoring in Liberal Arts/Nursing. I'm from upstate New York (Kingston). I am the oldest of 5 kids and the first in my house hold to attend college. I own my own car and I have a lot of interest in sneakers and sports. I'm a full time college student and I also work three jobs outside of school. I know a lot about sports and I am a huge Carmelo Anthony fan. I like to listen to rap/hip-hop music and I like to have fun. "There's always a time for fun but after all business is taken care of." 

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Our group chose an article about the effect of climate change on trees if temprature would rise  by 4 degrees celcius in London, UK. A team collected native tree species from North America such as the  field maple to plant in the UK to see how the growing conditions will be for the trees by 2050. I noticed  similarities between the articles such as the UK is part of the EU and is very active in activities to  preserve the planet such as cutting down the carbon emissions and planting tree species to adjust for 

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What's up everybody I'm brian. I'm am a sophomore and my major is business marketing. I play American Football but unfortunately SUNY Delhi does not have a football team. My hobbies are going to the gym and watching movies and t.v. shows. I am american but my nationality is African. I have two younger siblings and I live with them and my parents.

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Whats up everyone my name is marvilio but you can call me marv i am a 6'3 basketball player whose interest in video games such as nba 2k and call of duty.  My parents are from Dominican Republic, but i was born in Miami FL.  

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Hello my name is Brande' Hodge. I love shopping and being fabulous. I love American Government with Professor Johnson!!!!  I major in Biology. I am a microbiology tutor.

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Just wanted to say hello to the students at UK! As you already know the United States have different gun laws. I personally favor guns but in many cases they are in the wrong hands creating many issues. 

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Hello, my name is Alexis Schuman. I am a sophmore at Suny Delhi. I am on this site for my American Government class. I am 18 years old. My birthday is in December. I have not decided my major yet. I am in general studies. I hope to go into journalism some day.

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Hi my name is Julissa John and I am  a veterinary science major from Queens New York.

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Hey everyone, my name is kevin, im from the catskill mountains in upstate new york. I live on a farm, i am in the U.S Army National Guard and im majoring in criminal justice here at SUNY Delhi. My favorite things to do is hunt, fish, shoot things, and run in demolition derbys. I am what you would call a redneck.

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