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Art to Contribute     It stared with a picture I saw several years ago of a man, who seemed to be hugging a lion. Inspired and amazed, I saw comfort and love within the photo and since I first looked at the picture, it has always stuck with me. When I started doing my project on the conservation...

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     Over a year ago, I started volunteering on a monthly basis with Greenpeace, the Phare de Longeuil working with homeless people, and the Santropol Roulant collaborating with elderly and xenophobic people. I always really enjoyed it, but recently, I came to realize that I wanted...

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Kristen Johansen Most of the food we all eat contains GMOs or genetically modified organisms.  Most of us don’t know when we’re consuming GMOs or whether or not they are actually safe.   In a National Geographic article “Is Genetically Engineered Food a Fraud?” Author and public interest attorney...

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Evan Steiler Bio 109 Professor Decker 7 May 2015 Questionable Biopsies             In today’s society, breast cancer serves as the most lethal form of cancer amongst the world’s female population. Tragically, thousands of cases go undetected, and numerous women die battling this horrific disease....

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The article World's first child born after uterus transplantation, is about a woman who successfully conceived through IVF and gave birth after receiving a womb transplant. This article caught my attention specifically because there are a few treatment options available for women who cannot...

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     This article titled “Mind Control Exoskeleton Gives Unprecedented Paralysis Recovery.” Is about a robotic exoskeleton (external protective body covering) that makes it possible and provides a sense of touch feedback to people who have been paralyzed and lost the sensation is their muscles....

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A few weeks ago, Canada declared itself at war against the Islamic State. Harper’s government sent its first bombs on old Syrian military installation that had been taken by the Islamic forces. Despite the fact that the two opposite parties, NDP and Liberals were against this expansion, the...

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Justice Femme is an organization related to protect women's rights in the society and to actively take action against all kind of segregations in all spheres of the society.  The organizer of this group is Hanadi Saad, spokesperson for Justice Femme, and the person with whom I will volunteer with...

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After several weeks of being tuned in to news stories involving business and global economics, one issue kept reoccurring on article headlines: austerity. From a global standpoint, austerity has been heavily impacted the economy of Greece, one of the countries that makes up the eurozone. Also,...

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Protected areas and parks are constantly being put at risk, more so than one might think. Developments that infringe upon their territories  endanger flora and fauna, many of whom are already endangered species, in these areas. Recently, I came across and article entitled "Proposed LNG pipelines...

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Health-care symposium project summary   Reflection

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In today’s western society, there are categories that all people must declare that they fit into; man or woman, gay or straight, black or white, for example. People who do not fit into a category, or who do not fit into whatever preferred categories there are at the time, can and will face discrimination and hardships. Around 30 years ago, gay and lesbian citizens were able to earn rights in Canada (and are currently earning rights in the United States to this day) and in doing so faced and still face discrimination, homophobia and slander on a daily basis.

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This week, a parent called UCSD outraged to learn about one of the final exams her daughter was taking. The exam, which was called “Get Naked or Fail”, understandably raised some concern. Furthermore, the teacher is a 55-year old man. The mother even called a local San Diego radio station However, it turns out that the class is called “Performing the Body”, and been taught at the university for ten years. The final exam can either be taken naked, or the student can choose to go “emotionally naked”, meaning that they must reveal all their feelings.

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Poverty is a global issue that is one of the worst, if not the worst. It is often the cause of many other problems such as access to water, health system problems and epidemic diseases. Even though living in the Western world may seem an easy thing to deal with as it is a common belief that poverty is an issue that does not touch this part of the world, many people will experience homelessness, which is a form of poverty, throughout their lives.

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Behind the computer hides an information war. Governments and economic interests are constantly being tested by individuals or international government. In the effort to gather information, every action an individual commits can now be monitored with modern technology. Actions as trivial as taking public transit to using a credit card can all be recorded and stored by various information gathering firms. Some firms even store internet history to understand client’s consumption patterns and tailor advertisements accordingly to browsing habits.

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Death is something that not many people look forward to.  Death is one of those things that nobody really knows what happens to the person’s mind.  The unfortunate thing is that death is inevitable.  Everyone dies eventually.  Now some people live longer than others, and some try to preserve their bodies once they die in case science advances to the point where we can bring a person back to life that has been dead for years.  In 2015 this happens all the time.  Famous people and rich people have themselves cryogenically frozen so that science can develop to the point where they can be broug

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Racial Profiling: How Research from History, Criminal profiling, and Sociology Can Help the Problem  

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Last month, neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero presented at TedX talk further developing comments he made earlier in 2013 when he exclaimed the possibilities of human head translplants. Since then he has recieved many emails and letters discussing the issue at hand, although has also recieved many patients willing to risk their life for the sake of science. During his presentation, Dr Canavero discussed the simplicity behind the procedure but also mentioned the ethical difficulties that came along with it.

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Today’s society has a problem on it’s hands. Indeed, the lack of women in high positions in scientific disciplines like engineering or mathematics isn’t something that can be ignored. Even  though women perform equally well or even better than men in lower levels of education, when entering the world of work, the gap is widely noticeable.

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