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State of the Union

Modern US History in a Global Context
The United States of America is an amazing nation that continues to lead the world through the complex geopolitical problems that we are faced with today. As a strong economic and political world leader, we have become the role model for developing nations attempting to give their people the same...

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A House Divided

Our word clouds and subsequent comments illustrate the separation in our impressions of one another. While there are differences across regions in nearly every country on the globe, few seem as deeply ingrained as the separation between the North and the South. Respond to any or all of the...

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TPP opinion

Modern US History in a Global Context
Neoliberal free trade is a net positive for humans across the globe that are living in poverty, but is a negative for people who are living in developed nations. The 14.8%(1) of people that are living in poverty in developing nations would benefit the most from free trade, as the goods become...
I Don't Know

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about TPP

Writing III D
Thinking about TPP               This “Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement” will become an important agreement for the countries which will participate. This agreement will decide rules, laws, the taxes and many other things for the countries. But this might be a negative effect...
005 Yohei

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Uterus Transplants May Soon Help Some Infertile Women in the U.S Become Pregnant

Dr Decker's BIO 109 Human Biology Fall 2015   I chose to do my project on "Uterus Transplants May Soon Help Some Infertile Women in the U.S. Become Pregnant," taken out of the New York Times. The...

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The benefits exercise has on the brain.

Dr Decker's BIO 109 Human Biology Fall 2015
Tiffany Scott Dr. Nancy Decker Biology 109 SUNY Ulster December 1, 2015  “Any man could, if he were so inclined, be the sculptor of his own brain.” When we think of exercise we tend to think of the physical benefits we will receive like losing weight and gaining more energy. Another aspect of...

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Lowering blood pressure below current targets benefits a wide range of patients-http://www.scienceda...

Dr Decker's BIO 109 Human Biology Fall 2015
     In the article, Lowering blood pressure below current targets benefits a wide range of patients, I found it interesting because I have high blood pressure.  We all know our blood pressure is very important, as it concerns the walls of our arteries and can damage the heart.  Especially high...

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Drug Enforcement vs Aids Treatment Issues Hits U.N.

Dr Decker's BIO 109 Human Biology Fall 2015
Irene Velez Human Biology Dr. Decker 12/04/2015       “Drug Enforcement vs. Aids Treatment Issues Hits U.N.”           This article is about the difference in how nations, such as the U.N...

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The War on "Whistleblowers" - Edward Snowden and the NSA scandal

Media Ethics (Section 03002, Fall 2015)
The War on Whistleblowers             In June of 2013, Edward Snowden gained the nickname of “the whistleblower” when he leaked thousands of NSA files to journalist Glenn Greenwald. The first of many stories was published and discussed in the British newspaper The Guardian, and contained...

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Refugees’ problem

Writing III D
     Recently, a lot of serious problems have been happening all over the world. Do you know anything about refugees? I think the refugees’ problem is the most serious problem. I think most of the young people don’t know much about the problem. Actually, I didn’t know anything about it. That’s why...
018 Saya

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Student Writing

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The Happiest Challenge of All

Champlain College, 2016: NewsActivist (Contemporary Issues Complementary Course)
Motherhood is most probably one of the hardest jobs in the world. However, a recent Facebook challenge has taken this job and flipped it around. In a recent article titled ''Motherhood Is A Constant Challenge - And Not Just On Facebook'' written by Tara Mandarano on January 4th, 2015 for Huffington Post Canada we learn that social media can take a toll on motherhood. Mandarano explains that the challenge is to empower mothers all around the world by posting photo collages of their journey with children.

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Race Unit Reflection

Modern US History in a Global Context
Alex Lasker Mark Cline-Lucey Social Studies 2 February 2016 Racial issues have always existed throughout history, being bad enough as to one race enslaving another. These tensions and issues have been fought, and denounced by multiple different races. The biggest movement in the United States history is the Civil Rights Movement, which lasted nearly ten years. The movement started small, then grew to be big enough to influence laws regarding segregation and racial oppression.

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Reflecting on Race in America

Modern US History in a Global Context
I feel that issues of Race in America continue to be relevant, even since the civil-rights movement. They may have vanished from the public eye after legislation was passed to help people of color and to reduce their daily struggles, but they are certainly still relevant today, as has been shown on many occasions. For instance, the shootings in Ferguson and New York bear a striking resemblance to shootings carried out in the pre-civil-rights era south, where blacks were often threatened and killed with few to no repercussions against the murderer.
Ben Maksym

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Race Reflection for today

Modern US History in a Global Context
Jake Weissgold Mark CL MUSH February 2, 2016  

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Reflection on Race Relations in the United States

Modern US History in a Global Context
Race relations has taken a huge step forward since the civil rights outcry of the 1960s, and although there is still much to be desired if we want a world of true racial equality, the progress that has been made is still something to be admired. An entire societal overhaul has taken place, and in only 50 years we have altered the societal norm for race relations from one of rigorous segregation and dominance, to one far closer to equality and integration. The civil rights movement that we studied made some great progress.

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Child poverty in Canada

ISSS - 331 & 332
a.  Topic & Type of Paper/ Justification of Social Issue The topic of this paper is on child poverty in Canada. This paper will be analytical. The aim of this essay is to identify the causes of child poverty, and question how the factors contributing to child poverty can be minimalized.

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The unfair treatment of ethnic minorities in america

ISSS - 331 & 332
A) topic &type of paper / justification of social issue:

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Underage Female Marrige in Bangladesh

ISSS - 331 & 332
Gabrielle Desrosiers Teacher: Geneviève Aboud ISSS 300-301-LA, Section 332 Assignment #1 2016 02 02 Assignment #1: Building an Outline a. Topic & type of paper/ justification of social issue

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Why NCAA athletes should be paid for their hard work

Champlain College, 2016: NewsActivist (Contemporary Issues Complementary Course)
On December 3rd 2015, Maurice Peebles, Deputy Editor of Complex Sport, published an interview he had with Jay Bilas* concerning why student athletes performing in Division I schools should be paid. Mr. Bilas, a strong defender of NCAA athletes’ rights, highlights the fact that students who play sport for their school are the only ones being restricted in their actions and expenses.

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Child Labor in India

ISSS - 331 & 332
a. Topic & Type of Paper / Justification of Social Issue
V Mercier

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