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Inequalities from the Panama Papers

Champlain College, 2016: NewsActivist (Contemporary Issues Complementary Course)
Lately, I have been working on different inequalities in our world. In fact, disparities are present in all countries and in all social classes. Because, as for me, this subject is important, I decided to volunteer into one of the most important inequalities-fighting organization: Oxfam. I will...

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Nuclear Power Story and Analysis

Nuclear Power Debate (212GED)
I am Tagbo Obiora and a former resident of Pripyat in Ukraine, I would tell you a short story, then voicing out my opinion prior to the Group debate about the development of Nuclear power stations in Hartlepool, and whether we should really consider nuclear energy as an option for our energy needs...

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The change maker: Marguerite Barankitse

Champlain College, 2016: NewsActivist (Contemporary Issues Complementary Course)
  The change maker: Editorial Marguerite Barankitse born in 1957 in Burundi, more specifically, in the Province of Ruyigi; in the east side of the country. She is recognized as the national mother and Burundians call her Maggy. In Burundi there are three ethnic tribes of Hutus, Tutsis and Twas.[1...

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Ban Ki-moon: A Strategy of Inclusion to Counter Violent Extremism

Champlain College, 2016: NewsActivist (Contemporary Issues Complementary Course)
The threat of the Islamic State group (IS) is extremely worrisome as its actions and ideologies are in direct violation to the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Men, women and children worldwide are victims of violent extremism. According to Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of...

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Some Laws and Policies Deprive Local News Integrity in the United Kingdom

Champlain College, 2016: NewsActivist (Contemporary Issues Complementary Course)
The article Local journalism is under threat - here are some ways we can save it by Judith Townend published June 18th of 2015 presents consequences of local journalism gradual disappearance and some tentative solutions to the issue in the United Kingdom.  To begin with, evidence from a Media...

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Medical Knowledge in the Early Modern Period

Early Modern Knowledge
Part 1: Empirical Observations            The Osler Library of the History of Medicine, a branch of the McGill University Library, houses a copy of The Anatomical Exercises of Dr. William Harvey – Professor of Physick, and Physician to the King’s Majesty, Concerning the Motion of the Heart and...

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More than simply gun control

Gendered World Views (section 10, Winter 2016) In his article “This Idea Could Prevent Campus Rape, And Maybe Stop Mass Shootings Too”, Tyler Kingkade presents the work of Siavash Zohoori, a former college student who witnessed the mass shooting of six students of UCSB...

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Mental Illness is not the Only Issue

Gendered World Views (section 10, Winter 2016)
On January 22nd of 2016, a shooting occurred at the Dene high school campus of the La Loche Community School in Saskatchewan. Authors Ben Spurr and Joanna Smith make it very clear to their readers that the 17 year old male suspect, who is charged with four counts of first-degree murder and seven...

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The NHL and Rape Culture

Gendered World Views (section 11, Winter 2016)
In recent years, domestic and sexual abuse has become more evident in the NHL. The most notable stories to have surfaced are those about Semyon Varlamov and Slava Voynov. Both of these men were accused of abusing their partner, and Varlamov was ultimately let off the hook without a single...

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Are "Gamers" over?

Gendered World Views (section 10, Winter 2016)
                In 2014 the internet started to simmer about “ethics in journalism”, specifically about the misconduct of a game developer who allegedly slept with a journalist so that he would give her a good review. Soon after, twitter exploded with flurry of vitriol and #Gamergate hashtag, due...

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Student Writing

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Abstract: How to manage diversity?

Champlain College, 2016: NewsActivist (Contemporary Issues Complementary Course)
Migration in the world is strating to have an impact on everyone. This reality is tranforming societies into multicultural ones. Plural societies are often having all sorts of trouble while dealing with all their differences. All cultures cherish their identities and want to preserve them. The question of how societies should manage the cultural ethcnic, racials, and linguistic differences stays a controversial debate. Is it possible to manage diversity into multicultural societies? Several models are proposing solution to create perfect cohesive communities.

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Animal Abuse is Wrong Abstract

Champlain College, 2016: NewsActivist (Contemporary Issues Complementary Course)
Even during the Twenty-First century, there is still violence occurring towards animals. Even if several laws were newly installed in order to help animal cruelty situations, there are still a lot of animal abuse occurring in the world. In this essay, animal abuse will be argued to still being common nowadays for small animals and big ones too. It will also be viewed as a veterinarian’s responsibility to see and protect the animal’s rights whenever it sees animal abuse made on one of their patients.

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Stones May Break Your Bones

Champlain College, 2016: NewsActivist (Contemporary Issues Complementary Course)
This is old news.   Well, it still happens today. So it might not be that old. Moreover, it’s not a subject that has a big spotlight in the mass media nowadays. So why not discuss that here?   I have recently watched The Stoning of Soraya M. on Netflix. This movie, based on the true story of Soraya Manutchehri, a woman stoned to death after her husband plotted to get rid of her, illustrates what happens when individuals (especially women) are accused of adultery and then convicted; the sentence is death by stoning.

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Burundi deadline to find generals killers

Champlain College, 2016: NewsActivist (Contemporary Issues Complementary Course)
The president of Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza, has ordered the security forces to find the killers of the senior general. The general Kararuza and his wife were killed this Monday 25th in the morning by unknown gunmen. Unfortunately, her daughter was also in the car when it happened and she has been in the coma but luckily, she survived the attack.

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Immigrants: not different!

Champlain College, 2016: NewsActivist (Contemporary Issues Complementary Course)
News summary The article “New York City’s Office for Immigrants Has Become a Global Model” by Kirk Semple demonstrates very well the idea of new power and it is also very linked to the issue I am facing: immigrants’ integration.

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The Evolution of Journalism through the “New Power”

Champlain College, 2016: NewsActivist (Contemporary Issues Complementary Course)
In the Washington Post article How Journalism is Changing for the Better, published  on September 1st, 2015, Christ Cillizza explains how journalism is evolving through the active participation of the audience by means of social media.

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Countering the Islamic State: War in the Digital Age

Champlain College, 2016: NewsActivist (Contemporary Issues Complementary Course)
The Islamic State group (IS) has become a significant threat with its barbaric actions in the territory it controls in Syria and Iraq, as well as the terrorist strikes it carried out worldwide. The article “Fight against ISIS reveals power of social media,” by Javier Lesaca, highlights the extensive use of social media by the IS group to perpetrate radicalization and gain momentum. In this digital age, the use of social media has become a powerful means to obtain “mass participation” and “peer coordination”, as described by Jeremy Heimans in the Ted Talk “What New Power Looks Like”.

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The Education’ Issues Are Not Only Related with the Pupils

Champlain College, 2016: NewsActivist (Contemporary Issues Complementary Course)
In my previous posts about education, I talked a lot about children and their literacy. Today, I will be focused on the situation of the teachers, more precisely, on the International Summit on the Teaching Profession of 2016. In the article “The U.S. Makes 4 Important Education Commitments to the World” of the Huffington Post, the author Sean McComb this events.  

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