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Do animals experience happiness?

Sustainable Happiness F17
Do animals experience happiness?   Some people do think that animals can feel emotions and some do not. They may act like they do feel happiness, but are they able to feel it? This question will be studied to be able to see more clearly. Animals can certainly feel fear and this has been proven in...

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Free Smoothies

Sustainable Happiness F17
  As we all know, the end of semester is a period where students are overloaded by exams and projects so their level of stress and fatigue is high. It is hard to stay focused when you do not have enough energy and sleep. This is a period where we have a lot of things to do at the same time and it...

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Is generosity linked to happiness?

Sustainable Happiness F17
As we all know, Christmas is coming really fast and this time of year can be really stressful but at the same time so beautiful, we need to spread joy and happiness around us. Some people do not have the chance to celebrate Christmas however being generous by giving some second-hand, unwanted toys...

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Does money buy happiness?

Sustainable Happiness F17
Sustainable Happiness Portfolio: Activity 7                 Marie-Jeanne Boudreau Does money buy happiness? 
 It is a question that has been asked for many years now, and yet, many people do not come up with the same answers on the subject. That is mainly due to the fact that people have different...

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Money and happiness

Sustainable Happiness F17
 Le prix du bonheur      À mesure que les années avancent, les gens ont de plus en plus d’argent et le coût de la vie augmente de plus en plus en raison de l’inflation. Le salaire minimum aux États-Unis a passé de 2,10$/h en 1975 à 8,25$/h en 2015, selon une étude de David Stockman. De telles...

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Can animals feel happiness?

Sustainable Happiness F17
Many societies, especially western societies, worry more and more about animals’ rights. Animals have the right to live free from harm in many countries in Canada, but can they tell the difference? In order words, do animals have the capacity to be happy? It is important to consider if farm animals...

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Does money buy happiness

Sustainable Happiness F17
  Does money buy happiness?                 In a capitalist society, people are encouraged to buy more and more products because they are in a society where conspicuous consumption, which is the action of buying expensive items to display wealth and income rather than to cover real needs, is put...

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Does money buy happiness?

Sustainable Happiness F17
  Just think about people who win the lottery. In an instant, their everyday life changes completely and they might believe their well-being will change for the best. Nevertheless, certain studies demonstrate that life does not become ideal when winning the lottery. In fact, it appears that it is...

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Living on minimum wage

Democracy & Cultural Diversity F2017
This article talks about something that touches millions of people across North America; the poverty trap that is minimum wage.  The authors believe that minimum wage should be brought up to at least fifteen dollars an hour in order to allow people to actually be able to use their money. They talk...

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What purpose does film serve in the history classroom or in the telling of history?

Film and Modern History (Fall 2017)
What purpose does film serve in the history classroom or in the telling of history?   Film can serve a very useful purpose in the history classroom. Watching a historical event unfold on the movie screen can stimulate one’s senses more that reading about the same event in a textbook or listening to...
Brian Bushnell

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The Changes in Antarctica

Planetary Challenge winter 2018
In the article published in Science Daily entitled “Extreme melt season lead to decade-long ecosystem change in Antarctic polar desert”, a group of researchers from the University of Colorado at Boulders found that during the very hot summer of 2002, the McMurdo Dry Valley in Antarctica endured rough changes in its ecosystem that would have an impact for the years to follow. The team believes that this event proved that even small appearing weather events can have impacts on a region for a very long time.
Lauranie Phan

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Climate and forests changes

Planetary Challenge winter 2018
The article "World's great forests could lose half of all wildlife as planets warms- report" by the author Jonathan Watts is about how Global Warming and climate change affect the planet but mostly how much it affects forests and life around it. According to WWF, because of climate change from the Amazon forest to Africa, the disparition predictions and estimations are about 60% of plant species and 50% of animal species in the future 100 years. These datas are incredibly enormous and the situation is not improving, the negative consequences are incresing everyday.

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Article Summary #2 (March 13th)

Planetary Challenge winter 2018
The article titled “Environmental Consequences of Oil Spills”, written by Larry West for ThoughtCo, outlines, as its title states, the consequences of oil spills originating from sources such as pipelines, on the environment. West explains that an oil spill on land infiltrates the soil and may render it unable to sustain the lives of local plants as well as it used to. This can affect the entire ecosystem if other creatures are dependent on the existence or abundance of these plants.

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A $Greener$ Today for a Dryer Tomorrow...

Planetary Challenge winter 2018
  “The Amazon effect: how deforestation is starving São Paulo of Water” by reporter Jonathan Watts of The Guardian, goes into detail on one of the often-unknown side effects of the Amazonian deforestation problem. While this major issue often goes unpublished thanks to the significant efforts of the profiting companies, more and more of the Amazon is being replaced by empty lots, devoid of trees and life. Most will know that this will cause many species to go extinct, as so many have in recent decades, however this is far from the only side effect.

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The Extinction of Wilderness.

Planetary Challenge winter 2018
“Wilderness land set to disappear from planet by 2100 as humans move in” is an article written by Ian Johnston. The subject matter of this news article is to denounce how there is a significant decline in the world’s wild land. Johnston addresses the several causes of wilderness by pointing out the over use of illegal logging, farming, oil, gas exploration and the potentially destructive effects of fires to clear woodland for agriculture.

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Humankind ecosystem destabilization

Planetary Challenge winter 2018
In the article "Humans changed the ecosystems of Central Africa more than 2,600 years ago" published in Science Daily, the main purpose reflects on the real cause of the rainforest crisis in southern Cameroon, which was assumed to be a result of climate change (decrease in precipitation amount, increase in precipitation seasonality) , but new controversies claim that the actual cause was humankind.

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Under the sea

Planetary Challenge winter 2018
far more resistant to changes than we think. There have been many studies concerning the state of wildlife underwater after being subjects to change. Some of them reveal the destructions that happened under surface while a fair load also reports about how resistant the aquatic ecosystem can be. On top of this, a marine biologist, Jennifer O’Leary, reveals that many of the so called “bright spots” of the sea, the most sensitive beings, can persist through disturbances.

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How Have Ecosystem Changes Affected Humans

Planetary Challenge winter 2018
Human well-being depends notably on material welfare, health, good social relations, security, and freedom. All of these are affected by changes in ecosystem services, but also by the supply and quality of, for example, social capital and technology. In the article it explains, when the supply of ecosystem services exceeds the demand, an increase in supply tends to enhance human well-being only marginally.

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Ecosystems change

Planetary Challenge winter 2018
In the article ‟Humans causing catastrophic ecosystems shifts, study finds”, the author, Thomson Reuters, discusses that human dominance over the natural environment has caused many changes in world ecosystems. Human activities have a devastating impact on ecosystems. As the author mentioned, the damage and exploitation of wildlife and natural vegetation by human beings has left ecosystems in bad shape. Unfortunately, at least 468 creatures have been eliminated from the planet since 1990, including the Costa Rican golden and Yangtze.

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Humans changed the ecosystems of Central Africa more than 2,600 years ago

Planetary Challenge winter 2018
The article written by GeoForschungsZentrum Postdam, Hemholtz Centre explains that humans have adjusted the ecosystem so that it can meet their needs for many years. Some lakes are now dead and straight while trees are planted in rows just for the benefits of humankind. For a significant time, there has been a debate in Central Africa about the Amazonian rainforest. After extensive research in Southern Cameroon about the “rainforest crisis”, it was discovered that the transformation was not caused by climate change but by humans.
Dajia Bergeron

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