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After an extensive discussion with our American counterparts, we discovered that our standpoints on fracking were more related than diverse. Common knowledge states that fracking may have severe impacts on public health (e.g. contamination of water supplies) and the environment (releasing methane...

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Dear everybody,   because we have students from so many countries in our both classes, I would like to use the opportunity and compare them with regard to gender inequality. I am from Germany and we have still huge differences in gender equality. Although men and women are equal before the law in...

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ckill1 in Learning to Learn
November 14, 2014
Take a Hike!New research shows that taking a walk can enhance creativity         A study published in the Journal of Neuroscience (You can read the full study here: has found that taking a walk will boost creativity levels!        In this...

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dhend2 in Learning to Learn
November 13, 2014
The journal titled “Cooperative Learning Returns to College: What Evidence is There That It Works?” by David Johnson, Roger Johnson, and Karl Smith discusses the collection of over 168 studies between 1924 and 1997 and their findings. Each of these studies compared cooperative, competitive, and...

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In the article "Why is Ebola Less Deadly in America than in Africa?", published on Vox and written by Julia Belluz, the Ebola outburst in America is discussed. In addition to this, Belluz compares the Ebola outburst in America to the African situation, where people have been exposed to it for quite...

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“33% of teenage boys will use unsafe methods for weight control”; “37% of men who binge eat will experience depression”; “up to 43% of men are dissatisfied with their bodies”; “10 million males in the United States will suffer from a clinically significant eating disorder at some point in their...

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The article “’Racist’ Halloween costumes stir debate” by Marlene Habib of CBC News posted on October 27th, 2011 discusses the issue of people wearing Halloween costumes that some members of different ethnic groups find rather offensive, and well, racist. A campaign was launched by Ohio University’s...

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The article “Race and Racism Central Issue of Election” by Margaret Hageman from The Toronto Star on October 14, 2014 discusses the issue of racism in Toronto and emphasizes the importance of electing a mayor who comprehends the role that racism plays within the city (Hageman, 2014, para 2). When a...

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In my Gendered World Views class, we recently learned about the relation between sports and hegemonic masculinity. What stuck out to me is a certain part of a reading derived from Handbook of Studies on Man and Masculinities where Michael Messner talks about men's health in sports. The reason I...

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     Girls are often restricted and told what to wear and what to do, mostly by their parents, teachers and school principals.  Where I went to highschool, we had a dress-code.  Girls were allowed to wear shorts and skirts, but they had to be at knee-length or longer.  This was boldly specified in...

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Student Writing


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This article is written about Dragon Ball Z. This is very famous anime and movie in all aver the world. Goku of main character fight with Frieza. So Frieza come many times. It will release new movie. I like this article because when I was child, I often watched it with my brother. So I know about it.

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I think that this article is very interesting because if the modern Atlantis spiral completed, it makes a possibility what solve of resources problem. This article write about modern Atlantic spiral. It is a base of collecting resources in the water. In addition, it has mean of test what possibility of people live under the water in the future.  

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     I will introduce about Spirited Away (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi). Spirited Away is famous an Animated film in Japan. And I watched it last Friday. This anime is interesting, I like it. So I thought that want to explain this wonderful animated film. 

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Today, I will talk about Japanese movie and anime. I like Japanese anime. My favorite Japanese anime is One Piece. I like One Piece very much. What do you like Japanese anime and Japanese movie? Do you know Hayao Miyazaki? Hayao Miyazaki is the most famous anime director in Japan. So now, I explanation of the Japanese movie director’s Hayao Miyazaki and Japanese anime’ One Piece.

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Is it your favorite to watch TV? We should have at least one TV to watch some movies, animations, and other TV shows, and find some favorite TV shows from TV. Now, when would you like to watch TV? Do you watch at the time of lunch and dinner, or watch when there is the TV show which you want to? It varies in individuals. The system of the favorite TV show is so again, too. From now, I introduce about some Japanese TV shows which I like and want to recommend. Also, I’d like to recommend one of Japanese movie. References: 1) 森田一義アワー 笑っていいとも! – Wikipedia! (11/24/14) 2) 世界の果てまでイッテQ! – Wikipedia! (11/24/14) 3) ハウルの動く城 – Wikipedia (11/24/14)

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Japanese TV Show

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     I write it as a Japanese animated cartoon about a TV program this time. The symbol of the Japanese TV program is an animated cartoon. The animated cartoon which I like most in that is major. The measure is an animated cartoon of the baseball. As for the flow of the story, a chief character is a son of father of the professional baseball player. A chief character liked father very much and came to like the baseball, too. A big game major leaguer visited Japan to a certain age in Japan across the sea. Father of the chief character hit a home run from the man.

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I will talk about Japanese movies, anime, and TV shows. Do you like Japanese movies, anime, and TV shows? I will introduce about my favorite movie, anime, and TV show. My favorite movie is Hot Road. My favorite anime is Pokemon. My favorite TV show is shabekuri007. I watch shabekuri007 every week.

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Japanese Good Movies      Do you like movie? I think that there is not the person disliking movie. There are kind of interesting movie. For example, action, anime, horror and so on. Anime is Japanese popular culture. There are great animation movie producer in Japan. Japanese some movie is made from comic, so now, I am going to talk about Japanese animation movie, Japanese live-action film, and Japanese horror movie.

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