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A few weeks ago, Canada declared itself at war against the Islamic State. Harper’s government sent its first bombs on old Syrian military installation that had been taken by the Islamic forces. Despite the fact that the two opposite parties, NDP and Liberals were against this expansion, the...

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Justice Femme is an organization related to protect women's rights in the society and to actively take action against all kind of segregations in all spheres of the society.  The organizer of this group is Hanadi Saad, spokesperson for Justice Femme, and the person with whom I will volunteer with...

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After several weeks of being tuned in to news stories involving business and global economics, one issue kept reoccurring on article headlines: austerity. From a global standpoint, austerity has been heavily impacted the economy of Greece, one of the countries that makes up the eurozone. Also,...

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Protected areas and parks are constantly being put at risk, more so than one might think. Developments that infringe upon their territories  endanger flora and fauna, many of whom are already endangered species, in these areas. Recently, I came across and article entitled "Proposed LNG pipelines...

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In my last article I discussed gender stereotypes and socialisation in kindergartens. Many studies show how especially same gender peer groups have a great impact on the children’s view on gender and their self-identity (Wharton 2012: 152ff.). In this article I will deliberate on a case of a...

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      Let us take a minute to dream and fantasize about an ideal world where problems of race and religion simply do not exist. A world where neither holy books define us, nor skin color integrates or disintegrates us. We are just humans and only our actions define us. However, this dream cannot...

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In 1999, there was a shooting at W.R. Myers High School in Taber, Alberta Canada. A student was killed and another was seriously injured. It did not take a long time before the shooter’s story appeared in the news. The young boy who had opened fire was a ruthless bullying victim. He was not able to...

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123456 in Media Ethics (Section 07)
March 28, 2015
Sensationalism in the news media is a serious problem because it undermines readers’ ability to think critically about the information they are absorbing. It is particularly dangerous when the articles discuss research in health-science related fields as these articles can have a direct link to the...

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Geoffrey Vandeville wrote in his article about the Quebec Federation of Women wanting the government to implement sex-education courses in every grade of every school across the province.  As Vandeville writes in the article, the current government stated that it had the intention of modifying the...

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This past summer, while sitting in my garden, I couldn’t help but notice something quite peculiar. Where were the butterflies? I remember when I was a little girl there were plenty to be of fluttering friends to be admired. But here I was, and not a butterfly was to be seen, not even my favourite,...

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Student Writing

            Students striking against austerity have brought worries to many that the protests may become the new Maple Spring strikes, taken place in 2012. According to the article, “Quebec Students Vow Strike to Protest Austerity, Pollution, and Sexism” from CTV News Montreal, “twenty-five student associations have voted to launch a student strike”. With new power students are able to connect to one another on topics important to them faster. As well, new power has enabled students to make decisions in a timely fashion.

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In this TED Talk video “How big brands can help save biodiversity” Jason Clay introduces to us many important factors that have to be taken into account when it comes to creating a sustainable civilization which won't completely wreck the planet as we know it. There exists 35 major geographical locations that must be preserved at all costs, because these locations are the key pillars to the well-being of planetary biodiversity and environment.

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      The inspirational Ted Talks video selected as one of the best from the TED Conference is titled: “How big brands can help save biodiversity” hosted by speaker Jason Clay who is the WWF’s Senior Vice President of Market Transformation. This video focuses on sustainability and how competing companies need to work together in respect to the products their selling in order for our resources and environment to uphold. The video specifically targets 15 main commodities, which hold most threat towards preserving biodiversity.

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We live on ONE planet, we must wake up to the fact that we don’t have anymore. We know the limits of the resources we have but we simply cannot ignore the fact that they are finite. Scientists have found that we are living at 1.3 planets since 1990 we crossed the line of living in a sustainable practice. In the upcoming years, global income is estimated to grow at an average of 1.9 times which will undoubtedly affect the amount of natural resources. The math suggests that we must triple production of good and services.

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Jason Clay started by showing the most important commodities that need to become more sustainable in order to support life in many countries. There are 15 of these commodities that need to become sustainable, he then explains how we could solve the huge problem that keeps growing. Clay shows how the problem has to taken care of before it occurs, which means before the production of the commodity, on the bigger scale between the corporations themselves. He pinpoints 100 companies that have huge impact on their respective commodity.

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Debt can be a frightening thought for anyone, however student debt can be especially worrisome. Most students coming out of university are already concerned with whether or not they will have a steady income in what the wanted to do for a career. Everyone has heard about the numerous stories of people coming out of school with a great degree, but no job available. Though Canada is not as troublesome as the States for student debts, they are not far behind.

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John Clays TED talk: “How big brands can help save biodiversity” goes on to convince 100 key companies to go sustainable.  Jason Clay says that international companies will shift to protect our planet that human’s consumption has outgrown.  He talks about how his he has gotten big brand rivals to agree on green practices first before their products are put on store shelves.   

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         The 15 commodities are the top products companies are using to sell to the consumer. The reason why 100 companies are interested in these 15 commodities (beef, soy, timber, tuna etc…) is because they are interested to develop a sustainable (and environmentally stable) practice to continue making money and having an “infinite” source of product. In the article, “Beef industry works to become more environmentally sustainable” talks about the importance of sustainable beef production.

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