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Tom Bored (and fed up of gender inequality)

Gendered World Views (Fall 2016, Section 17)
             Look at this ad. And I mean really look at it.               Just by looking at this image, it is doubtful that the average consumer would correctly guess what it was selling. If he or she were to guess clothing, they would be wrong. This Tom Ford ad, dating back to the spring of 2008...

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The blindspot of inequality

domejm's B102 F16 Class
Inequality will always be present no matter where you are. Since the beginning of mankind, women were tagged as being the inferior species towards men. Through time and hard work, women battled for human rights and obtaining equality. They had no rights for education and so they were doomed to...

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The First Thing We Learn In School: Colors

Race and Racism Fall16 Gr.545
For the past 18 years of my life, I have classify human beings into “races”. Why would I categorize people with skin color? In my opinion, it was just easier and obvious until one day I realized that human classification was a whole lot more complex than I thought. In the following text, we will...

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Highway threatens wildlife in the Serengeti: economic development or conservation of the environment...

ETHICS 1290 (Fournier-Sylvester @ Champlain) FALL 2016
The Serengeti is a huge grassland that covers 15 000 square kilometers and is home to a huge diversity of species. Its name, derived from the Maasai language, translates into “endless” or “extended”. The Serengeti’s most famous feature is the wildebeest migration that is known to be the largest...
Fred Munro

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Classification is for Animals, not Humans

Race and Racism Fall16 Gr.545
  “Race”, how can one simply define “race”? For centuries, we have thought of “race” as a deep-founded way to categorize and classify individuals. Well, scientifically; biologically to be more precise, it has been proven that “race” as is doesn’t exist, and it certainly doesn’t make-up the human...

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The Reality of Racism and the Absurdity of it

Race and Racism Fall16 Gr.544
As a white female being of Dutch and Irish descent, I have not experienced a ton of racism in my life thus far. Everyone in my family is Caucasian as well and no one has ever been mistaken for anything other than white. We all have green or blue eyes, and relatively light hair, with the exception...

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Basic Coding: A Mandatory Class?

Development of Knowledge 2016- Flacks
Basic Coding: A Mandatory Class? Link to the article: This article, written by Tim Bajarin, an analyst of technologies and computers, addresses the issue “Should basic coding be a mandatory class in Junior High?” With the use of multiple premises,...

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Dangers of Trans Fats

Dr Decker's Spring 2016 BIO 109 Human Biology
                                                                                      Dangers of Trans Fats               I chose to summarize an article about trans fats. I was shocked after learning about how dangerous trans fats are throughout our studies. This article goes over a lot of what we...

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Exploring the Link Between Alzheimer's and Sleep Apnea

Dr Decker's Spring 2016 BIO 109 Human Biology Alzheimer’s Research in America is in a state of crisis. Looking forward over the course of the next 4 decades, it is projected that this terrible disease that afflicts the minds of so...

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Why Do Many Reasonable People Doubt Science?

Dr Decker's Spring 2016 BIO 109 Human Biology   Science has become a major part of our everyday lives. It has been a major factor in explaining events of the past, setbacks in our present and problems for our future. We were never taught that science is perfect or that...

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Women get a fighting chance

Dr. Kaldor's Intro to Soc
Women have been held back for centuries because of gender inequality. They’re even held back in the time of war. They’ve been held back from proving their abilities in the military up until now. Women no longer have to worry about overcoming the bar that is set because of their gender.

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Over consumption and Lifestyle Choices Affect Our Natural Resources

Management of the Biophysical Environment - 2016
CBC News posted an article titled “Beef’s environmental costs called exceptionally high” which connects the idea that our lifestyle choices are essential in determining our impact on the environment. In summary, this article examines the process of beef production and how this dietary choice impacts earth’s processes and our natural resources.

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ID, please?

Gendered World Views (Fall 2016, Section 17)
     American teenagers spend 4 hours a week reading magazines (Miss Representation).      But has anyone ever noticed that there is something deeply disturbing in these so called ‘artistic high end fashion’ ads? Probably not. For the majority of the readers, they are just pretty to look at. In reality, these ads are subliminally conveying a sexist message.

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Drinking in USA

604-103-LF 2016
In the article: ‘‘At What Age Should Drinking be Allowed?’’, written by Sydney Roche, the author explains why we should or shouldn’t lower the minimum age for drinking in the USA to 18. Choosing an age for legally drinking is an issue around the world. Each country has effectively not the same way of thinking. I agree with Sydney Roche, when she says that teenagers always try to transgress rules. One proof is that almost every teen in the USA has drunk alcohol before the age of 21.

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The Link Between Alzheimer's and Sleep Apnea

604-103-LF 2016
Exploring the Link Between Alzheimer's and Sleep Apnea An article written by Royce Royce,

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Sea World Vs Orcas

604-103-LF 2016
The article "Sea World", written by Lauracohen4, talks about Sea World capturing a lot of animals and using them to entertain the public and get money from them. It explains how people started to realize that the areas of the Orcas weren’t good for their needs. In top of that, the Orcas are said to be harmless in the wild. However, they are to their instructor. Also, Sea World is telling us that Orcas can live 30 years old while in fact they can live 90 years old. Sea World said that it was their last generation of Orcas in the park.

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Dove beauty campaign

604-103-LF 2016
The Dove® Real Beauty Campaign, ethically portraying 'real beauty '? is written by Lilakins. It is a really good way for women of all ages to be proud of how they look. I saw a few commercials and the message they tell is really strong and can really convince a lot a people. As mentioned in the text, I also think there is a bit of hypocrisy when it is time to talk about the Axe Campaign. They really use the women as an object. I have a lot of question about this.

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Crohn's disease

604-103-LF 2016
The article << Crohn’s disease; An Invisible illness >> written by CherryBlossom, I think, is very touching. At the beginning of high school, I suffered with irritable bowel, which is a (very) light form of Crohn’s disease. The fifth paragraph explains exactly what my life was like at that time. It warms my heart to be able to connect with someone who lived through the same thing as me when no one else understands. Invisible illnesses, especially painful ones, are as painful physically as they are psychologically.

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A Slap in the Face to Gender Equality: Hair Salon Ad Highlights Domestic Violence

Gendered World Views (Fall 2016, Section 17)
In this advertisement, a young woman looks straight at the camera. She sports a black eye, and is sitting on an expensive couch. A young man, dressed in a suit stands behind her, holding a diamond necklace. The ad reads: “Look good in all you do”. This ad is for a hair salon in Edmonton, Alberta, and has received a lot of negative press for the way the woman is portrayed. To start, the black eye is a sign of physical damage, usually associated to rape or intimate partner abuse.

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