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I'm Louis von Bergaby,
A lot of people tell me that I have a really strong personality and I agree with them. I have never hesitated to spread my opinion around me, even though I could have been sued and disliked. The political environment always interested me and I wish that someday, I will be able to join a politic party. Although I like the politics, I also have a big passion for the visual arts such as photography and film-making. Throughout my arts, I like to show the issues in the world that I think we should address. For example, the media-bias is, for me, one of the biggest problem in our modern era. A few times, I have noticed that the medias were not showing the two sides of the stories which I think it is unfair. They attack the democracy when they take a side and let the other fall in the population's anger. It is contrary of all my deepest values: democracy and freedom of speech. I am a very concerned citizen who likes to read about the news and cares about what happens in our country and our planet. After all, we are all in the same ship, we need to care about what happens outside our doors, because when will come the time where everything falls apart, it will be our fault.


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I'm Louis von Bergaby,

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