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About me:

Oh hi there!

I'm Ilias, student in Pure & Applied Science at Champlain College, in Canada. I love science! That is why I chose that program, but I like other things. Newactivism is really interesting to me, and I like to practice my photography and sculpture skills. I'm not a good dancer, but I like to dance. Also, I'm an avid hockey fan (Canadian stereotype checked!). I'd say my biggest strengths are my compassion, my adaptability and my commitment to whatever I do.

I am a Newsactivist because I see problems that bother me and that I want to change. Probably my biggest problem is division created by the news and our society. It's based mostly on race, gender or sexuality and I can't take take it. We forget sometimes that we are all human living hardships. We should understand each other, but it's not the case. I want that to change. Also, ignorance in the news and in social medias upsets me. People making opinions based on fake facts or rumors bother me a lot. I want the truth to be told. No #fakenews, no #fakearguments. Just the real. I hope I am not alone in this fight.

If you want to talk to me, I'm open. I prefer working alone to be honest, but it's good to hear other's opinions. I'm willing to work with anyone if they are committed to what he/she does. You can hit me up in the private messages, it will be a pleasure to respond to you.


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