catégorie 5


Catégorie 5


            Notre terre soufre de grosse transformation causer par mère nature qui peut complètement détruire des maisons, des logements, des municipalités, des villes voir même des états complets. Comment peut-on se préparer pour ce genre de désastre? L’ouragan Irma à commencer mardi le 5 septembre et à frapper les îles des Caraïbes en premiers. Dans les prochains paragraphes, je vais développer pour laquelle ces endroits ont été si durement affecter et ce qu’ils auraient pu faire pour diminuer les effets dévastateurs de ce séisme.


Climate change: Agriculture in danger

Climate change: Agriculture in danger

Marine Gauthier, Hina Idris and Audrey Rose Lussier 

Our world is hugely affected by global warming. It affects human health, forests, oceans and so on and so forth. But one of the impacts that really affect our daily life negatively concern agriculture. One of our basic need is to eat, therefore, negatives effects of climate change on agriculture is bad for human’s healthy consummation of food. Flooding and droughts are two main direct consequences of climate change that affects crop yields and breeding.


Does air pollution play a role in infertility?


Humans have suspected a relationship between air pollution and some health problems since a while now. In fact, after a few studies, scientists found out that the pollution in the air causes health disorders like infertility. After they have looked into the link between the exposure of humans to environmental air pollutants and fertility, research proved that the bad air quality has a negative impact on both genders gametogenesis. This brings many disadvantages to the gametes, it affects their quantity, quality and it can also affect the embryo development.


On the occasion of Women's Day in March 2014, the market research institute Harris Interactive conducted a study on women's relationship to the environment in France. 
  The Institute surveyed a sample of 1000 individuals representing the French population in order to determine if they adopt a different attitude from men on this issue.

article comment and my view on ethical business

I think that the article Why leaders need to have integrity written by HARVEY SCHACHTER is totally right about what it’s saying about the integrity. We can’t trust a manager if we don’t know about his integrity, it’s a must to be able to control a company. I also think that what it’s says at the end is right, even when you think you’re a person with total integrity you can’t over estimate yourself because at a point you might have a failure.