Ocean Garbage

In the article from Global News titled “Swirling pile of trash in Pacific Ocean is now 3 times the size of France” written by Emanuela Campanella. The author talks about the danger of ocean pollution in which revolves around trash in the Pacific Ocean.  One of the ways the author explorer this concern, she states that “Scientists are warning that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, between Hawaii and California, is accumulating trash faster than ever and is now three times the size of France.”. (Campanella).

Hydrogen Transport & Climate Emissions

In the article “Hydrogen-powered transport key to climate targets, says Shell” by Adam Vaughan, the author talks about how in increase of the usage of hydrogen cars and planes, there is a reduction in climate emission.  The article talks about the hydrogen technology of how that “Planes and trucks powered by hydrogen will be a crucial part of efforts to cut carbon emissions to safe levels, according to oil giant Shell.” (Vanghan).

Bees & Plant Relations


In the article “Loss of Bees Bad for Plants” by Chris Palmer published from The Scientist. The author writes about the horrible consequences of the loss of bees on the plants and the ecosystem in general. Bees have a “a monogamous relationship between pollinators and plants, ensuring that plants receive pollen from their own species.” (Palmer, 2013).  Therefore, one of the consequences is that because of low pollination, plants can’t reproduce, spread and grow. In addition, this can prevent some of the production of foods such as honey in which it depends on pollination.

Population & Energy Relations


In the article “Population and the energy problem” by John Holdren talks about the problems relating energy to world population. The argument that Holdron is trying to make is that one “monetary costs of energy are rising” (Holdren, 1991), two “much of the world's population has too little energy to meet basic human needs” (Holdren, 1991) and three environmental impacts on the planet.

Watch your E-waste!

Pay attention to your E-waste!

Superpost-Oil Extraction Environmental Impacts

In the world that we live in these days, very few are the places that are free of pollution. In fact, every country has different issues to treat concerning the environment. These different issues often come from their industrial activities or their habits in their day to day lives. Therefore, these important problems need to be solved, and fast to save this world we live in because the environment is only getting worst. Thus, many environmental professionals from many different countries did researches on the main local environmental issues.

Happiness Literacy

Publicité choisie : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKIfOx5Q56Y (Du bonheur pour tous)

The Impacts of Waste on Health


All around the world, it happens that certain countries have difficulty with their waste management. In fact, this major problem in different location can be dangerous for certain humans being health. Some, can be affected by what we call; hazardous waste. This kind of garbage is most of the time composed of toxic chemicals that can come from factories and can be very dangerous for human health. So, a study has been done on the subject to know exactly how bad waste management can affect health. For this study, they analyzed population that are exposed to this said hazardous waste.

Ocean Acidification Impacts




Est-ce que notre économie est protégé?


Est-ce que notre économie est protégé?