Oil Sands

Texas Oil Impacting the Oil Sands

The recent discovery of another source of oil in Texas has sparked the conversation about the increased need for pipelines in Canada. The new Texas formation, known as the Wolfcamp formation, contains an estimated 20 billion barrels of oil, 16 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, and 1.6 billion barrels of natural gas liquids. While this is not expected to have a huge effect on oil prices, it is still noteworthy for the Albertan and Canadian government.

The Possibility for Success: An Alternative Perspective on the oil sands

An article published by the Ottawa citizen on September 20th considers the recent water use reductions by the Canadian Oil sands producers1. Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) expressly claimed from 2012 to 2014 there was a 30% reduction in water used to produce a barrel of crude oil. Chief executive Dan Wicklum explained the statistics at a conference in Calgary last week, airing on the side of caution that the results are promising but water use often fluctuates throughout the years.

A Socially Dying Hippy's Last Stand

            Neil Young, a Canadian icon and legend has recently headlined a tour entitled “Honor the Treaties”. The tour is basically a direct attack at the Alberta oil sands and to give voice to aboriginals who have apparently been treated unfairly or more precisely Fort McMurray which, according to Young, “looks like Hiroshima”. The controversy around this tour was and still is enormous. Personally I think Neil Young should just go back to his home, which isn’t actually in Canada, and just give back his Canadian citizenship while he’s at it.