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Education, Income and Happiness

Many people think that having more money leads to happiness? Is that really true?


Having something to say in the decisions

People do not choose to have a mental illness, they have it that’s all. However, they should have a say on their future. They are the ones with the illness. They live with it day after day. They have the experience and we should take advantage of that.

Stigma around mental health in workplace

The article I read is called “Stigma of mental illness a 'disturbing' trend in workplace.” It is about how people with mental illness are treated at work by their coworkers and employers. In this article, they talk about how stigma over mental health issues has cost people their jobs. It talks about two specific people, David Newman and Kim Heidinger, in Manitoba. Both these people had awful experiences at work after being diagnosed with mental illness.


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The article talks about the topic of depression. It is sometimes hard to pin point whether we, ourselves are depressed. It is a very informative article on detecting signs of the mental illness. Some of the questions you need to ask yourself are how frequently am I depressed, how severe is it and how long does the depression lasts. 

Childhood mental health disabilities on the rise


Childhood mental health disabilities has rose 16% over the past 10 years. While physical problems have actually decreased, there was a significant rise in mental health issues, such as ADHD and autism, these can also be classified as neurodevelopmental problems. It just so happens that children from poorer families had the highest rates of mental health issues. Also, children living in more affluent neighbourhoods, reported the largest increase in mental health problems, at around 28%.

Time to get Charitable for Mental Health Support!

Friends For Mental Health "is a non-profit community organization that provides families and friends with the support, information and education they need to help them cope with a loved one’s mental illness."

    This organization offers many services in regards to Mental Health support.

         They offer: 

Confessions of a Kleptomaniac

"Confessions of a Kleptomaniac"  by Dylan Lavene is an article that tells the story of a kleptomaniac who confesses his moments of deviance for the entertainment and education of others. Prior to summarizing the story, it is important to be familiar with the term "kleptomania" seeing as it appears again and again throughout the article. According to a psychiatric study done in 2004, kleptomania is defined "as a recurrent failure to resist impulses to steal objects that are not needed for personal use or for their monetary value.

Once Saved, Now Homeless


According to an article titled “Quebec to dismantle ‘At Home’ program” written by Charlie Fidelman and published by The Montreal Gazette on April 7, 2013, Quebec is shutting down their already five year housing program for mentally ill homeless people.