Should charities inform the public of the specific ways fundraising money is being utilized?

In this article, published in The Windsor Star on August 28, 2014, Dean Seppala emphasizes how little the public is informed with regards to the way charities utilize donations received from the public through fundraising and other campaigns. Seppala does not point fingers to any specific charity, but raises concerns over the fact that many people believe they are giving their hard earned money to a just cause when that may not be the case. The authenticity of charities is challenged and Seppala continues by expressing his personal experiences with charities he has confronted.

Time to get Charitable for Mental Health Support!

Friends For Mental Health "is a non-profit community organization that provides families and friends with the support, information and education they need to help them cope with a loved one’s mental illness."

    This organization offers many services in regards to Mental Health support.

         They offer: 

Spend Less Time with a Penniless Canada


According to a recent article posted on February 4th, 2013 by the Canadian Press and National Post Wire Service on the National Post, the Canadian penny distribution to financial industries has officially been put to a stop.