The Media Sensationalizing Stories for Profit

The American media is dominated by many different news outlets that shape the perceptions and opinions of a broad section of the population. One of the most popular in this market is CNN, which is a 24-hour news channel that is considered to be one of the most popular in North America. Many people automatically turn to CNN whenever they want to watch to the news because they have known it for years. When it started broadcasting, it was the very first television station to focus only on news broadcasting, which revolutionized the news delivery.

Abstract: Living For Them

The influence of corporations through different medium is bad for the society.


1.     Companies have bad effects on us monetarily

·      They try to make us buy their product and they make us think that we need their product. This has a negative impact because we spend our money unnecessarily.

·      They implant in us the idea that the profit is the priority in life; that we need to have a lot of money and products to be happy.


2.     Corporations have negative impact on a psychological way

Useful Wastes


Here in Quebec, we are very lucky because of all the electricity we got and the low cost of it. Perhaps in some countries, kids have to do their homework under streetlights. Bill Gates showed this is the presentation of his new project related to energy. He thought that electricity is what we need to globalize to reduce poverty.

The Music Industry: What does the Future Hold?


The music industry has evolved exponentially from it's modest roots of Thomas Edison's voice-recording on a telegraph machine. The 20th and 21st centuries have seen pivotal developments in the business of music.

Please discuss key aspects of the ways in which the industry has developed. Also, what are some of the current issues facing the business? What are the implications of these issues for its future?

In other words, where has the music industry been and where do you perceive it's going?

Why I Chose Business Administration

Karelle Senécal-Jean

Why I Chose Business Administration