White Males Promote Racism on Tinder

by A.Boudreau on Octobre 15, 2015 - 7:20pm

      The article Canada’s Tinder Men Are Annoying Black Women with Their Racist and Sexist Bullshit written by Eternity Martis. The article was published by Vice on September 28, 2015. The article talks about black women’s experience on Tinder. Several Women from Toronto were interviewed and questioned about their experience with the men found on Tinder. Most of the woman said to be victim of racism. Most of the white males who would message them would approach them with sexual intentions. They would comment on stereotypes that black women are wild in bed, and made reference to their sexual performance in relation of having big lips and a larger posterior. Most of the males were white and mentioned that they wanted to experience something new, that they had never had sexual intercourse with a woman of color. Rap music videos have hyper sexualized the black woman. Males see them as a sexual conquest and an opportunity to explore their sexual limits. The women are disgusted by the comments received from these men for example that make reference to them as dark chocolate. The women are insulted because they only refer to them for sexual intentions, because of their skin color.

   I think the white males are making racist comments towards the black women because of the idea of the superior race. The white males feel in power when talking to a black woman and therefore feel that it is ok to say such discriminating comments. The stereotypes of black woman are put forward by the men, who believe all black women behave in such a way, which is very insulting. They make assumptions that have nothing to do with their skin color. The sexual involvement and interest of a person cannot be defined by their skin color as it plays no role in sexual desire. The men who refer to the woman as sexual objects perceive them as if they were slaves and that they had control over them, just like several years ago were whites were superior to the blacks which were used as slaves for the whites.

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