reviving the forestry sector or change it?

by Robbybigp on Septembre 25, 2015 - 10:25pm

“NDP Unveils $105 million plan to revive forestry sector”

CBC news



            This article briefly explains how NDP has come up with a plan to implement $105 million dollars to the forestry sector over the next 3 years in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase competition in the industry. Tom Mulcair, leader of the NDP was able to get $105 million for the forestry sector after accusing Stephen Harper of placing too much money into oil and gas industry. The problem I see is that Steven Harper has made the country too reliant on oil and gas for energy. Forestry products are not usually in the form of energy but it is a big part of the economy that needs oil to run it. Mulcair claims his $105 million over the next 3 years will create over 2500 jobs, as well as a projected $270 million for the private sector. The NDP plans to Cut Green house gas emissions by using this money to invest in research and development for alternatives to petroleum based forestry products.

            Stephen Harper is making Canada into a staples economy through oil exports. Allowing oil to be such a big part of our economy is bound for failure. There has been oil crashes in the past and there will be more in the future. The risks and uncertainties of producing oil are known to create hazards. I think now is the time to invest in sustainable products more than ever. I am Glad to hear the NDP will invest in research for alternatives to petroleum based products; this will help the forestry sector stray away from the need for oil to operate. Tom Mulcair’s goal to create more jobs needs to be in the sustainable forestry or else it could be controversial to reducing carbon emissions. Creating jobs is nice for people but it doesn’t replace the need for oil or reduce carbon emissions and more jobs can increase the need for oil.

 Improving the forestry sector does not reduce the need for oil but having a more sustainable forestry program will help offset the abundance of carbon we have in our atmosphere. Part of the NDP’s plan should involve carbon off-setters that regenerate forests. The NDP’s money can be implemented to a sector specifically for forest repair, restoring conditions for new trees to grow. By providing this service to other countries will help the economy and the environment. Short term and long term management will create more jobs, more competition for industry and helps to regenerate forests that have been cleared. Theses services should help decrease the regeneration time of forests. “TreeCanada” is an example of a small private off setter company who specializes in planting trees with respect to a company’s yearly CO2 emissions. Off setter companies like this can distribute the responsibility or environmental degradation if they are properly funded. This idea can spread and cause new norms for forestry production.

This article was interesting, although it's not released yet the biggest concern of mine is how exactly this money is going to be allocated. $105 million can do a lot for a sustainable future if put into the right hands. Canada can set the plan for carbon off setter programs that work globally to help resource management in a way that helps the economy as well.


-          Robin Petrie