Education Debate

by Amelie E-D on Février 24, 2015 - 8:52am

Education Debate

This “Super-post” will be about the education in Quebec in comparison with the education in USA. To write this post I used four different sources to have the complete description of how is the education system and I also needed the cost of the fees to give you a better idea about the education system and advantages in both countries.


Everybody deserve to get a decent education at least until 16 years old. In fact, it is the Quebec Minister of education idea. He wants us to be educated and he wants school to be free. But is it the reality? They say that we are not paying for school. I am not sure if we really do not pay for education, but if we compare with other countries like United States, we do not really pay. In our province, if our parents do not pay for our CEGEP and University it is possible to work at the same time and do not have debts after studies because it is not that expensive in comparison with US. For example, in a public university in United States, it can cost almost $19 000 per one year of studying. In Quebec, it’s an average of $2,519 per year. In this case, we are not talking about a master or a PhD, only the three or four basic years to get the first level. Can you imagine how expensive it is in United States? It will take so many years to give back the money the student borrowed.  It could reach until $60 000 for one year if people are going to private institutions. ‘’ The US remains the world’s most popular destination for international students, it’s also among the most expensive choices’’ said Laura Bridgestock, but why is this the case even if it is so expensive? There are so much well known universities in United States that if someone decides to go there and invest money in his education, he is sure to get a job right away after he gets his diploma because of the reputation.

When people are living out of the province of Quebec, they say that we are not happy of what we have, but I think that if you do not live in Quebec you cannot know exactly what the education is here. In fact, only people who pay for that education can have an opinion about this. It is also because people know how the establishments look like and they are asking themselves where all the money goes and after the government wants the students pay more than what they already pay. The Quebec society, at least, agrees to say that a change is needed in our health establishments, but it is almost the same for the education establishments, but we do not talk of this as much as the hospitals because it is not all the population that is touched by this. As Harvey Weingarten said ‘’ The trends are for classes to get larger, for courses to become less available, and for more and more teaching to be done by sessional and itinerant teachers’’. It seems like the education is not improving in Quebec.



In United States, the education is very expensive, but there are so much possibilities of financial aid that are offered. Even the most expensive universities are giving scholarships and ‘’ often, the most prestigious US universities – with the highest sticker prices – offer the most generous funding opportunities’’ said Laura Bridgestock. Sometimes, if a student has a very good academic reputation, a full financial aid could be offer for him. It means that he will not have to pay anything of his education because this kind of student makes a difference in the university reputation. The financial aid is not only offered for local students, it is also for international students, but they do not have for everybody, so universities suggest applying for a scholarship at the same time future students are sending a demand if application for the establishment. The grading system in United States is also very different from Quebec, where we use the percentage. In US it is simply numbers 1 to 4 that classify a student. At the end, it is all equivalent because for example, “4” represents a student that stick to 93 to 100 percent of general average.


To conclude, maybe we should stop complaining about our education system here in Quebec because our universities are not that bad and we have the opportunity to get scholarships if we really want to and we are in reality the province that is paying the less for the exact same diploma as everywhere else. We are lucky to get this education because in some other countries, children sometimes have difficulties to get simply a pencil a piece of paper.



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