Decay for Prosperity

by Do234 on Février 2, 2015 - 11:05pm

Without surprise, we are more and more people worrying about climate change. Without surprise because considering the major energy sources we still use: coal, oil and gas, we are far from a green planet and our international objective of keeping the Earth’s temperature increase under 2%. In 2012, fossil fuels emitted 34.5 billion metric tons of CO² and coal itself produces each year approximately 39% of global CO². Its popularity is not declining in countries like China because it is the cheapest energy source to employ. It is estimated that during the next two decades, hundred millions of people all around the world will have access to electricity for the first time. Electricity produced by coal unfortunately. In China, air pollution, caused mainly by burning coal, kills more than a million people per year.

But as with many environmental problems, solutions occur. For several years, scientists put great efforts in developing new technologies such as capturing carbon. It would be fantastic if we could turn to alternative energy sources overnight but reality is different. For now, it is ingenious to develop a solution which would allow us to inject the CO² and compress it into porous sandstone formation. The concept seems expensive but it has already been achieved at the Mountaineer Power Plant in Ohio. But regulation is also very important. When laws will prohibit people from exceeding a certain amount of CO² emissions, there will be no choices but turning to this new technology. As individuals though, we should concentrate our efforts on what seem as insipid acts but which can have great impacts on our Planet: public transport, carpooling, a less carnivorous diet, and so on.


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