Sickness and Youth: How volunteering at The Children's Hospital can help brighten a child's day

by SO on Avril 10, 2014 - 3:07pm

I will be volunteering with sick children, along side my friend Laurence Poitras, at the Montreal Children’s Hospital.  

The Montreal Children’s Hospital is an organization which specializes in health care for infants, children, and adolescents. They always aimed to be world-renowned paediatric hospital, which is a status they have achieved and they always put the children’s needs first. The organization’s core values are, according to their website, caring, family, cultural sensitivity, collaboration, support, innovation, passion, and child advocacy. Their main goals are to provide great care for infants, children, adolescents both physically and emotionally and promote the wellness of infants, children, adolescents in all areas that touch children’s lives. They make it a priority to keep their goals and values present throughout all their activities.

The organization’s website is: 


I will be volunteering at the hospital because I want to help make a life in the day of sick child brighter. I want to help them forget, even if just for a day, about their problems. The news stories I have been reading about are mostly concerning youth, specifically young children. Youth rights, abuse victims, health… I want to help youth in any way I can, and the Montreal Children’s Hospital is a great local opportunity to help kids! I have been writing about education rights, child abuse, exercise at all ages, but my topic of preference is youth.  Which is why I chose to volunteer with sick children at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. 


We hope to be able to conduct an activity of our choice with the children, to have a little bit of freedom with the children. We have been in contact with the person responsible for volunteering already. We are planning on bringing pizza to the children and chatting with them, and planning activities according to age. For example, we could read to the toddlers, play board games with the younger kids, etc. Since some of the children won’t be able to move around that much, we will organize fun activities that don’t require much physical activity. But all will be conducted around the central idea of a Pizza Party. I think the opportunity will be eye opening for myself. I have never volunteered with sick children and I am looking forward to brightening their day up with some fun ideas. Being a team of 2, it will be easier to entertain the children as well. We will do our best to create a wonderful, fun, day for the children. 


We will be volunteering at the Hospital in the coming weeks. We are currently finding a date with the help of a Hospital representative. It will probably be on a friday, most probably towards the end of April, beginning of May.


Until we report on our volunteer opportunity, visit their website for more information!

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