Which of us are wrong ?

by FelixBrault on Février 13, 2014 - 11:22pm

Since ages we have lived surrounded by religion, and more recently with science. Although science has grown rapidly in industrialized countries lately, religion has been hurt during that time, losing many believers. Some have tried, and still try in Quebec to suppress all images related to religion in public with the ambition to make religion disappear from our society because of their "misleading information". But are they really misleading ? We learn everything science has given us by the words of another, for example a teacher giving a class, from reading book or the internet. Religion is also learned in the same way, from mouth to mouth and from books. From a student perspective, none of them can be better and more realistic if they come from similar sources, both saying they have the real version of information about our world. How can we tell which one has the right answer ? No answers are greater than another. So why should we eradicate religion over science when both knowledge is seen as important by our people ? Religion has a place in society, in education and etcetera like any other knowledge over the world has.

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