Genetically Modified Food

by Zoe.Papadatos on Novembre 20, 2013 - 2:47pm


Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are entities that have had their genetics modified to meet the specific, various needs of consumers or corporations. Just like everything else in this world, there are advantages and disadvantages to GMOs. However, in my humble opinion, the issues that GMOs present outweigh the benefits that they offer. 

Although GMOs are more detrimental than beneficial, they are still extremely useful to us. For one, they could put an end to pesticides, which play a role in global warming. They are also useful for feeding an increasing population that must be fed. Organisms can be genetically modified to grow more nutritious, cheaper food.

However, the corporations that manufacture GMOs are detrimental to the economy. They have made it their mission to destroy smaller companies in order to monopolize the food market. In the past few decades, the food market has gone from several smaller, scattered companies to six large companies. Monsanto, one of the largest food corporations, is a textbook example to this issue. Basically, they manufacture genetically modified seeds and planted them in their fields. The wind blew over the fields and carried the genetically modified seeds to another field where another farmer would grow them. Then, Monsanto would sue the farmer for growing their patented seeds. Thus, several smaller farms become bankrupt, freeing the food market for Monsanto to dominate. 

Finally, animals that are genetically modified are subjected to abuse. They have limb deformities, the experience rapid deterioration and “failure to thrive” is so severe that they start to break down their own tissue and organs to survive (self-cannibalism). They are also cramped and overfed in their barns so they can barely stand on their legs.

To sum up, GMOs can be extremely useful to our society if we can properly manufacture them. However, since corporations like Monsanto insist on abusing the power of genetics, the bad outweighs the good. Therefore, we must ask ourselves this: Is the deterioration of the economy and the abuse of animals worth the benefits that GMOs could offer?

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