Abstract youth sports injuries.

by BrandonGingras320 on Novembre 20, 2013 - 11:28am

I believe that the consequences for those who seriously injure other players should be quite severe
for the fact that these injuries can carry harsh effects. With more and more kids getting hurt playing sports this issue is getting more severe.

In sports, the negative effects of injuries such as concussion or injure to the knee can be long lasting and permanent damage. Some of the permanent damage of concussions ca be memory loss, fatigue and constant headaches. The development of severe arthritis can occur within joints do to the over use of these joints through sports. In youth sports today the rate of young athletes getting hurt out on the court or field has risen and more and more kids are being put out of sports because of this. David Kerr, once a high school athlete, will never be able to play serious sports again due to a series of head injuries.

What I've learned so far from this research paper is just how many kids in today’s youth sports are getting hurt playing the sports they love, what steps are being done to help prevent these injuries from happening and the amount of awareness people are bringing to this once easily over-looked issue. What I hope people take away from this paper his how to help kids prevent these serious injuries and how to bring more awareness to this issue.

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David Kerr, a former high-achieving high school athlete is no longer able to play serious sports due to the
many head injuries leaving him with constant headaches, memory problems and fatigue.

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