Nuclear Energy: A controversial Subject

by filip_bec on Novembre 20, 2013 - 11:08am

Nuclear energy is a very delicate topic in our society because of its controversial aspect. For every pro you can find, there will always be a con. Personally, I find that positive aspects of nuclear power outweigh the negative aspects. I will prove my thesis by treating the environmental, economic and health issues surrounding the nuclear energy.

First of all, nuclear energy has a positive impact on the environmental issues we are presently overcoming. It produces the most electricity in relation to its minimal environmental impact. From all the energy sources, it is the only that is emission-free. Also, the power plants take less space than other energy sources. For the equivalent of 1000 megawatt nuclear plant, a solar park would have to be larger than 35,000 acres.

Secondly, energy has positive benefits on the economic aspect. It is low on fuel cost, because it requires a little amount of uranium to produce tons of energy. Moreover, nuclear reactors provide base-load power and are available 90% of the time. The amount of money to spend on its preservation is minimal.

Finally, nuclear energy has no negative influence on heath of people. Far fewer fatalities occurred in the civilian nuclear power industry in half a century than occurred in any year in the fossil fuel industries. In this period of time, we count the two biggest disasters of nuclear power. Also, a moderate amount of radiation is natural and beneficial to life. In fact, radiation has been bathing our environment since the first days of our planet. Most people are even unaware that our body itself is radioactive.

To conclude, I think the positive aspects are strong and prove that nuclear energy could be a potential source in many countries. 

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