Does fossil fuels represents our future?

by Meli.caron007 on Novembre 20, 2013 - 10:56am

 In the next 5o years, there will be no more fuel in the world if we continue consuming energy like we do presently. One effect of this over consummation is global warming. Even though citizens and governments are aware of these issues, we do not see how critical the situation is and how fossil fuel devastate the environment.            

 Fossil fuel damage the environment and the society.

 :  Thousands of risks and spills  

-          In Canada, the pipeline that cross the country has made many oil spills in Alberta since the very beginning of its construction. An article from Global News, placed the entire oil spills on a virtual map and explains where the spill was, the year it happened and the name of the company of gas. Some spills still happened three or four years ago, in Alberta

with some spills of 4m2 and more.

-          There are also unbelievable accidents, like the one in the Gulf of Mexico in the year 2010. When they developed the platform, they had to make a choice; whether they decide to choose the lowest price and more risk or the expansive, but secure way. BP, the oil company that was holding the platform when it they created the platform until it explodes, decided to take the cheaper way.

-          There is many risk in implanting a platform and drilling fuel at 4,130 feet under water for example; risk of drilling at a high pressure, risk of losing all the oil in the ocean, etc.  

Society over consumes compare to its needs.

-          Fossil Fuel represents 85% of the producer of energy in the United States.

-          The energy is the base for the new world. How could we live without electricity? It is by burning coal and fuels that plenty companies are producing this energy supposed to be clean.  The author Ingrid Kelly thinks that we use more energy than we can produce in America.


 Global warming

-          More recently, many scientist are against the pipeline that crosses Canada, and do believe that the pipeline has negative effects on the earth. If we want to have a chance to stop the climate change, we better stop moving bitumen from underground.

-          In 2008, there were 436 nuclear power plants in the world. We could think that nuclear is a cleaner energy than fuel or coal, but the uranium use during the process creates radioactive waste that scientist estimate will last for 24,000 years or 12 generations.


We can clearly conclude that fossil fuel represents a danger for the environment by creating spills and risks by installing either pipeline, platform or power plants. The only thing the world now need to consider is how are we going to stop consuming fossil fuels? And can we reduce this amount to zero by the end of 2030? 


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