Abstract: Living For Them

by maxime.rousseau on Novembre 20, 2013 - 9:58am

The influence of corporations through different medium is bad for the society.


1.     Companies have bad effects on us monetarily

·      They try to make us buy their product and they make us think that we need their product. This has a negative impact because we spend our money unnecessarily.

·      They implant in us the idea that the profit is the priority in life; that we need to have a lot of money and products to be happy.


2.     Corporations have negative impact on a psychological way

·      By sending a certain “model lifestyle” companies are trying to change to modify our lifestyle (i.e. I’m hungry… I should go to McDonald instead of preparing a real meal)

·      The images that they send in their ads are very harmful: people are thinking that they have to be perfect like in the commercials to be happy.


3.     Corporations are implanting bad ethics in the society

·      They are conveying stereotypes in their ads and through media. This affect how people acts and judge other people

·      A message that they are sending is to neglect other people to be rich and successful (money is a priority). We don’t care anymore about other’s people life (i.e. china workers).


During this whole research, I learned some interesting things. First of all, companies are controlling us way more than we think. They affect so many aspects in our lives. Also, I learned about the society of consumption we live in and about the different medium that are more implicated than we think. This subject needs to be investigate and I m sure we can discover a lot more in this subject.

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