Jobs in the U.S.

by Matthew Pellicer on Octobre 30, 2013 - 11:09am

As it is known the United States have been trying to get out of the 2008 recession for a while now and they have been close to achieving this until they had the government shutdown. This caused a lot of uncertainty in the population as well as in the economy. This meant that companies chose to not hire any extra employees especially if they were often contracted by the government. This meant that either people were temporarily laid off or companies chose to hire in smaller quantities than they would have.

All this uncertainty doesn’t help to grow the economy and already that the job creation level was below the projected level for the month of September there wasn’t a way for the month of October, with the government shutdown and the uncertainty surrounding it, to catch up. The unemployment level is high at 7.2% which might not seem that high but when we are talking about millions of people, this represents tens of thousands of people that are out of jobs. Also, many people have become discouraged and have stopped looking for jobs, only 63.2% of the people who could work, do so or want a job. These numbers mean that there might be a huge effect on a world economy because the U.S. has such a big economical influence on countries around the world.

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