Secession cloud

by m-a.soucisse on Octobre 23, 2013 - 10:57pm


Quebec has been an integrated part of Canada for years now.  Yet, some have the belief that Quebec should separate from Canada to become it’s own country.  Lebel and Marois are both secessionist, but they wish not to speak of it.

Senior Quebec minister at the Cabinet Denis Lebel mentioned twice in interviews that 50% plus 1 vote would be good enough to breakup Canada.  He eventually confirmed his thoughts after being asked the question several times.  The rule about secession is crucial for Quebec and is what of the big matter at hand, since elections might be coming up for December 9th.  Prime Minister of Quebec, Pauline Marois, refuses to confirm whether or not heir will be an election during the winter. She also awnsered questions about secession, being very unclear as to when will her government call a referendum. She also repulsed questions concerning the Charter changes.  Her opponents claim she is trying to shift the attention to other issues since the economy is at a tough time.  I couldn’t agree more.

Pauline Marois knows the clock is running out of time for her.  She is losing in the polls, atruggling to satisfy Quebecer’s but most importantly, as failed to put this economy back on track.  Her strategy was clear from the start, maintain her French votes and get sub-groups in the population to vote for her (minorities, students and etc.). It was good enough to get her elected, but now she needs a majority in order to change things.  Fortuneatly, majority is a long way ahead.  In fact, no one knows when or how she will obtain majority.  She is doing her best thoe.  She refuses to answer questions about souvereingty because the last election, Bouchar had made it his goal to get Quebecer’s on board but ended up losing 6 seats.  Marois is forming a cloud of iunclear ideas in order to not put her in an akward spot, but she isn’t putting herself in a good position either .  Hopefully, this government of non-sense who by the way, hasn’t done much about this economy, will come to an end at the next elections.

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