by alexandregarceau on Octobre 2, 2013 - 1:23pm



Obama’s administration finally revealed their plan concerning the trace of carbon in the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency proposed standards that will limit dangerous carbon pollution from new power plants. Which for the Unites States especially, is a huge step forward to green energy (or ``greener ‘energy).

This is great, because one of the most discussed aspect of our generation is the environment.This article from the NRDC(National Resources Defense Council)is quite interesting because of the statements proposed in it. A lot of ``normal`` Americans expressed themselves during the Congressional Forum on Climate Change, they admitted that there was some problems, enumerated them and to finish this article the author had her little say in it, adding that the only solution to face one of the biggest problem of the century is to stop emitting carbon pollution through power plants.

We need to understand that global warming is a major issue nowadays and it is really important to know that we can stop it and it is things like stopping carbon pollution or recycling or some other little things like that, that we are going to be able to do so. Our world’s future is in our hands and we don’t want to be selfish leaving our problems, to our kids and grand kids.

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