Poker Game Chosen over International Issue?

by PedgeRuest on Septembre 4, 2013 - 11:56am

During Congressional Hearing over the military intervention of the Syrian Conflict, US. Senator John McCain was caught playing a poker game, on his IPhone. Mr. McCain was a nominee running to be president against Barack Obama in 2008 and has been elected as Arizona’s Senate as well as in the House of representatives after being a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

During the hearing, important security issues were raised about the action that must be taken against the Syrian Government, that they believe was involved in a deadly chemical weapon attack last month. Mr. McCain could not help but comment that a 3 hour and a half meeting may become boring even after the constant attentive listening to his colleagues, therefore he turns his attention to something else.

I cannot help but realize that the Senator of Arizona and a member of the House of Representatives prefers to turn his attention to an online game on his IPhone, than to try and find a solution to an international issue. The man who ran for President, should show more importance to his country than to his IPhone. Thank god Barack Obama won the election!

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