Article Summary #4 (April 17th)

by Stefan on Avril 17, 2018 - 9:57pm


The article titled “Canada's fishery in severe decline, warns ocean watch group” was written by Charles Mandel in June of 2016 for the National Observer. The purpose of the article was to inform the readers about a report published in 2016 by Oceana Canada, which explains why the Canadian fishing industry is in “severe decline”, as the title of the article states, because of excessive fishing of certain species and overall bad management practices. Thus, this report will be the source that the author uses throughout the article. Mandel points out several key points from the report, such as the fact that less than a quarter of Canada’s fish stocks are said to be in a healthy condition. He references the 1992 crumble of the cod industry, as he explains that it would be catastrophic for the economy if the same situation were to happen to the seafood industry, the lobster fisheries for example. Mandel quotes a part of the report that explains that the federal government often disregarded the suggestions from the scientific community. He also quotes the current federal fisheries minister Dominic Leblanc, who seems to be on the right side of the issue. In fact, Mandel points out that there is optimism within the report regarding the new Trudeau administration being more receptive and understanding of these problems.

In my opinion, scientists and environmental activists are doing the best they can to help their cause. I am glad that our government has a positive rhetoric on preserving the environment and its species but politicians are politicians. Before I rejoice, I want to see concrete action taken in the form of newly-enforced laws and policies because a speech or a statement alone will not restore Canadian fish populations.

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