Ocean Garbage

by alex11 on Avril 17, 2018 - 9:40pm

In the article from Global News titled “Swirling pile of trash in Pacific Ocean is now 3 times the size of France” written by Emanuela Campanella. The author talks about the danger of ocean pollution in which revolves around trash in the Pacific Ocean.  One of the ways the author explorer this concern, she states that “Scientists are warning that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, between Hawaii and California, is accumulating trash faster than ever and is now three times the size of France.”. (Campanella). This is a problem as “it is the largest accumulation of trash in the ocean and researchers estimate that it could be up to 16 times bigger than previously thought.” (Campanella). Therefore, the problem is it can threaten sea lifeforms and the biosphere of the oceans to a point it can kill a large group of the ocean species.   As so, I believe this is an immediate danger and feel that communities should invest on technology to remove garbage on the ocean and lakes as soon as possible. In addition, governments should enforce laws that prohibit the dumping of trash on any water ways.



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