The Big Thaw

by alexandrapounder on Avril 4, 2018 - 1:39am

In the article “The Big Thaw” by Daniel Glick, he reports that in the Glacier National Park in 1910 there were approximately 150 glaciers and now the amount has significantly decreased to less than 30 glaciers. And predicts that within 30 years they will all melt. Scientists have proof that the earth has rapidly been getting warmer, and the cause behind that would be human activity. The burning of fossil fuel and the growth of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have affected the temperature of the earth. The author states that the ice is changing everywhere on earth, the glaciers used to be taller and close together, now they are melting from under because of the warmth of the water. The fall of huge pieces of ice sinking into the sea causes the rise of sea level, sinking of land, eroding coasts, temperamental storms that endanger all the hundred million people worldwide living a meter above sea level. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the average global sea level has increased by four to eight inches in the past century and is to rise by 35 inches in the next century. The climate changes are also the main cause of animal extinction, more than hundreds of species die because their habitats are being destroyed. In order to be able to keep this earth together, we should make a bigger effort slowing down greenhouse gases, to help the glaciers from breaking apart and melting.


In my opinion, climate change is the biggest issues encountered worldwide, we produce so much greenhouse gases, that we are destroying our own planet. Not a lot of people realize how much impact it has on our earth and how it’s affecting our way of living. Just because we are not seeing it with our own eyes it does not mean that it is not happening. By releasing all this CO2 into the air, we are destroying mountains and mountains of ice every year and at one point there will be no more because if we don’t do anything to stop it or at least slow it down there won’t be anything for us to live on. Millions of people will die if we don’t start doing something now.



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