Climate Change in Antarctica

by danchelariu on Avril 3, 2018 - 11:12pm

The article "Warm water rapidly melting Antarctica from below due to climate change"  by the science correspondent Josh Gabsatiss, explains how climate change creates tremendous warm underwater that melts Antarctica's ice sheets, resulting in a rise of sea level which is estimated to highly threaten humankind due to possible natural disasters. It is also crucial to find the quantity of melted water expected to increase in order to be able to map the retreat of grounding lines, since the ice shelves connected to the bedrock underneath may collapse. Dr Hannes Konrad claims that the retreatment occurs across the unstable ice sheet because of the fundamental ocean melt. The author mentions studies on how some regions with different variations in sea level increase rate, such as West Antarctica, can enlarge the global sea level  (3meters) solely by themselves. Scientists noted that underwater melting also extremely impacts huge glaciers, where the grounding lines can not be visually illustrated, therefore they are measured with the effective help of satellites. 

In my opinion, underwater melting in Antarctica is not a simple task to deal with and it is only one cause of global sea level increase among many others. Realistically. it is now an impossible issue to prevent because it is already occuring, but it should highly be taken in consideration and studied in order to find solutions of its impact reductions, since it directly targets everyone and every region globally, which could potentially threaten hundreads of millions humans. The technology put in place to examine grounding lines is a step forward to understand future solutions to the problematic, but does not absolutely solve it.

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