Global warming extent

by Rainertaycho on Avril 2, 2018 - 7:50pm

The article "Arctic Wintertime Sea Ice Extent is among Lowest on record" by Marie Jose Vinas talks about the annual winter time peak. The arctic sea reached a maximum of 5.59 million square miles of ice surface cover making it the second lowest on record, only beaten by last year's record by 23,200 square miles. Annually, the ice in the Arctic thickens and thins over the year and the past 4 years have seen the Arctice ice cover diminish slowly. This creates various effects on the environment, from the changes in weather patterns to the impacts on plants and animals dependent on ice along with the ideginous people who rely on these resources. According to Claire Parkinson, a senior climate scientist at NASA, this is a symptom of global warming, seeing that the temperature keeps having episodes of warm days such as in February when the temperature increased by 40 degrees above freezing point. 

This shows that action should be taken such as decresing GhG emmisions in order to alleviate some of the stress on nature. More money should be invested in the production of electric cars in order to reduce the burning of fossil fuels, as cars are one of the most prominent causes of GhG emmisions. 

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