Climate Change Could Raise Food Shortage Globally: Study

by Maya Rinaldi on Avril 2, 2018 - 2:19pm

The purpose of the article “Climate Change Could Raise Food Shortage Globally: Study” is to discuss the extreme consequences that Climate Change can have on our food supply. In the article, the author explains that in the near future, a global shortage in food could occur due to Climate Change. Climate Change is an environmental issue that has only been worsening as it continues to result in extreme weather changes. Richard Betts, a University of Exeter professor, predicts that Climate Change is expected to cause many more extreme rainfalls as well as droughts. He also explains how the extreme weather changes will have different effects on different countries. Climate Change is projected to cause more intense rainfalls, consequently leading to floods which will halt food production. In addition, with an increase in temperature, Climate Change is also projected to cause more droughts which will consequently harm agricultural processes. Extreme weather changes like floods and droughts which are ultimately caused by Climate Change will only put our food production processes at risk. With food production processes at risk, a shortage in food around the world is to come.


Climate Change is an environmental issue that is only worsening and is almost impossible to stop. However, us humans have a great effect on Climate Change and we can certainly take the necessary steps required to lessen its impact on our environment and on our lives. For example, we can make sure to power our houses with renewable energy sources. In addition, we can use LED lightbulbs which use far less energy than regular lightbulbs. It is very difficult to completely eliminate Climate Change, however, making small changes like the ones previously stated as well as others can definitely go a long away and can make a difference.



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