climate change(summary 3)

by A.B on Mars 31, 2018 - 4:39pm

Andre Bergeron

Geo Summary 3 (climate change)

Summary: The article I choose focuses on the specific impacts climate change will have on humanity. By now most people know that climate change is the warming of our planet. The author points out that global warming is so much more then the oceans rising levels! Arctic permafrost contains 1.8 trillion tons of carbon, this is twice as much carbon that is in our atmosphere now. As this gets released, it will accelerate the warming by as much as 86 times. Additionally, as the arctic melts, diseases trapped in the ice not seen for a million years will be released. Scientist believe smallpox and bubonic plague are trapped in the ice. In 2016 anthrax was released from melting permafrost killing a boy and infecting 20 others. It used to be that if the planet warmed by 2 degrees it would lead to catastrophic events, now 2 degrees is our goal as per the Paris climate accords,two degrees is not if but how soon. Recent studies predict 4 degrees of warming by the end of this century and maybe more. Along with the heat comes drought, the amazon rain forest provides 20% of our oxygen. In 2010 it suffered its second “ 100 year drought” in a span of 5 years. If it was to catch fire like we see in California it would be devastating. Drought would turn much of the arable land to deserts. Scientist have concluded that for every degree of warming crops, decline by 10%. So by the year 2100 we will have increased population to 10 billion people and if warming is an additional 5% it means we will have 50% more people to feed and 50% less crops to give. Our oceans by centuries end will have risen at least 4 feet, one third of earth’s population live on the coast, so roughly 3.3 billion people would need to be displaced in some form or another. Many poor people depend on the ocean to provide food, because of planetary warming the oceans are becoming more acidic killing coral reefs and creating oxygen less dead zones where nothing can live.

Opinion:  Mankind has been aware of global warming for decades now, yet keeps going about its business. It’s like we expect some genius to come up with the solution. Yet many scientist believe even if we stopped all that’s destroying the planet its too late. Kind of like a snow ball at the top of a mountain, once in motion it will grow and accelerate. All ecosystems have been beating up, farm lands drying up, forests burning, oceans acidifying , the arctic melting, nothing left to destroy. I realize this is pessimistic but I didn’t even touch on all the issues affected by climate change only the main ones. I think this article is a must read to anyone wanting the big picture and I challenge you to find something positive of our planets future and that of mankind.

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