Climate change may bring big ecosystem changes

by alexandrapounder on Mars 20, 2018 - 11:59pm

In the article “Climate change may bring big ecosystem changes” by Alan Buis, researchers from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, informs us that global climate change will be a big issue for the earth's plants. They will experience dramatic modifications caused by the human's high production of greenhouse gases. According to a new NASA and university computer modeling study, in the next three centuries the increase in ecological change and stress in the earth's biosphere, will cause many animal and plant species to face competition for survival. Because of the parts of the earth that are not covered by ice or desert is predicted to experience a 30 percent change in plant cover. It’s a change that will need humans and animals to adapt to and most probably relocate. Furthermore, the study foresees that climate change will damage the ecological balance and endangered plant and animal species. The reduction of biodiversity and adversely will affect the earth's water, energy, carbon and other element cycles. When plants and animal species are faced with climate change, them must often migrate as their only way to survive and they will reproduce inside the small range of climates they are evolutionarily and physically adapted to. Agriculture and urbanization, are demolishing the earth's natural habitats, and most of the time stop plants and animals from effectively migrating. Because they are not prepared to keep up with the rapidity of the climate changes that are presently taking place. Over all, the study was conducted to mark the impacts of climate change on the ecosystems and how its plants and animals are slowly dying by living in it.

I believe that this article explained very well the risks and consequences of the global climate changes impacting the earth's surface. The author points out that plants and animals cannot keep up with how fast we are evolving, but we are not doing anything to stop it, their natural habitats are getting destroyed because of human activity every day. We want to keep all our animal and plant species, yet we are the cause of their extinction. I believe we are capable of preventing the world’s species to vanish if the whole world works together, I think we can make a change.

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