The Changes in Antarctica

by Lauranie Phan on Mars 14, 2018 - 11:11am

In the article published in Science Daily entitled “Extreme melt season lead to decade-long ecosystem change in Antarctic polar desert”, a group of researchers from the University of Colorado at Boulders found that during the very hot summer of 2002, the McMurdo Dry Valley in Antarctica endured rough changes in its ecosystem that would have an impact for the years to follow. The team believes that this event proved that even small appearing weather events can have impacts on a region for a very long time. Some examples given in the article of the ecosystem changes that occurred are the slow growth of a previously diminishing population of soil species. This potentially means that the future of Antarctica will be full of ecosystem changes. 

I think that this article is clearing illustrating how Antarctica as we know it today will be very different in the years to come, so much that the white desert that we can see now will potentially be transformed into a green land. The ecosystem will have changed, because the conditions (weather and environment) will have caused it to do so. I hope very much that in 100 years we will still see glaciers, but ecosystems are things that happen naturally, therefore I just hope that our human activities won't cause it to change too quickly.



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