Climate and forests changes

by megmeg019 on Mars 14, 2018 - 12:00am

The article "World's great forests could lose half of all wildlife as planets warms- report" by the author Jonathan Watts is about how Global Warming and climate change affect the planet but mostly how much it affects forests and life around it. According to WWF, because of climate change from the Amazon forest to Africa, the disparition predictions and estimations are about 60% of plant species and 50% of animal species in the future 100 years. These datas are incredibly enormous and the situation is not improving, the negative consequences are incresing everyday. Africa, Asia, North America and Australia are the countries where the damages will be the more present. According to a study done by the WWF, the University of East Anglia and the James Cook University, if the temperature increases by 1.5C and more it will be very dangerous for many animals that live there. If this bad situation comes to happen soon, Mammals, amphibians, reptiles and birds will be in danger and also risks to disappear completely. Plants, ecosystems and green environments are also in danger. Global Warming also affects savannas and jungles in Africa but also in Bangladesh, Brazil, Europe, Madagascar and the Caribbean. Also, Global Warming and climate change help to increase the sea-level which is really bad for animals like tigers and the elephants because it affects their natural environments. The situation is really bad for the environment and also for all the life around us.


In my opinion, I think this situation is unfair for animals and plants. Why? Because like humans, animals and plants have a soul and have all the rights to live. Global Warming increase everyday because of human activity, the production of carbon dioxide, etc. The are not responsable for all this situation and this statement makes me sad. It is important to know that this situation is also affecting humans and soul beings. Even if it is really bad for animals and plants, it is the same for humans. It is important to talk about this subject because we have to find some solutions for improving the situation all together. The first solution that I foundd for helping animals and plants is the adaptation to new territories. If all these souls move to another location, it will help them to have a better living existence. And the other solution that I found is to minimize our greenhouse gas emissions. The second solution will really help this cause and many others like Global Warming in general, the melting of glaciers, etc. I hope that it will be better for all the life around us and beauty.


Watts, Jonathan. "World's great forests could lose half of all wildlife as planets warms- report". The Guardian, online website.Global environment editor. Wed 14 Mar 2018.

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