Consequences on ecosystems

by Simon-Karl on Mars 13, 2018 - 3:19pm

The purpose of  the article from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is to discuss about the consequences that influence ecosystems in America. The researchers points out 6 of them: Life cycle event, range shifts, food web disruption, threshold effects, parasites and diseases and extinction. Their data comes mainly from other U.S. governmental organization reports, before President Trump’s election.   


   The first consequence the researchers give is that the life cycle is disturbed. Indeed, migratory animals come back earlier up North than previous years, especially birds, because it gets warmer sooner. This may be dangerous because the ecosystem they come back in is not ready, talking about food availability. 

    Secondly, the EPA says that as a result of global warming, biomes tend to go higher North in order to stay in the same range of temperature. This migration leave place for erosion and desertification of certain areas.

     Thirdly, the report showed that climate change negatively affects the food chain of ecosystem. For example, think about the polar bear ecosystem and the warming of oceans. This is one of the consequences of climate change on ecosystems.

     Fourth, the threshold effect is also a consequence of climate change on ecosystems. It happens when a ecosystem can’t bounce back from a stressor. For example, great drought may evaporate all the water and it will not return afterwards. 

   Fifth, the researchers discussed that climate change may lead to invasive species and parasites to come more up North and destroy the native ecosystems. Since invasive species stay in more warmer regions of the world, but when it gets warmer in the poles, these species seek new territories to invade. 

   Finally, climate change is one of the main reason of species extinction. When the ecosystem is redundant it less problematic but in the other case, it may destroy a whole ecosystem.

   To conclude, I think we should put more emphasis on preventing global warming in order to reduce the consequences on ecosystem, but what?


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