How Many People is Too Many People

by alexandrapounder on Février 24, 2018 - 1:37am

In the article "How Many People is Too Many People" by Hannah Geis, the author is very concerned about too many people on our Planet and thinks of solutions to this threat. She explores the problems facing world population and how we can ensure that our resources do not dwindle as our population expands.  Population growth is the increase in the number of people in a region and is occurring at all times all around the world. Population growth can have both positive and negative effects on countries, regions, and even the world. Population growth affects the number of limited resources a region has which can affect how well a region can provide for a certain amount of people. Population growth is a global issue that is not just happening in one part of the world but everywhere in the world. The world’s population is constantly growing and it seems to never stop.  All human activities are affected by population growth and its effects. Historical factors that have contributed to the increase of the world’s population during the industrial age in America are overrated. We know why population grew in such a crazy rhythm: by improving the quality of sanitation, medical developments, and water supply allowed people to live a healthier and longer life. But population growth started to become a real issue around the time of the industrial age and rapidly grew from then on.  It doesn't come as a surprise to anyone that, soon enough,  hunger started to decimate vulnerable populations, because food became scarce in certain areas of the world. Being rational and realistic would greatly influence the world’s population and the rate at which it grows.  Efforts taken to maintain a healthy sized population is called population control. How population control is dealt with greatly depends on the government or culture of a society. Population control can appear very cruel and inhumane, but education is the answer, educate people on why controlling births is a necessity. Education means family planning and women emancipation.

I find the U.S attitude of treating population boom as a national security issue, both surprising and visionary. At first glance, we are so used to the humanitarian approach to population growth, that we don't realize the ever-changing image of the world population. However, these changes happen as we speak, in front of our eyes, and we don't have the luxury to ignore them anymore. Our own existence as a humankind is threatened, and, because humans control pretty much how we treat the Earth, the existence of so many species is threatened.

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