Why Fossil Fuels should be tossed.

by ChaiEl on Février 22, 2018 - 8:23pm

The article, “Why Renewable Energy Will Replace Fossil Fuels” written by Steve Cohen provides information on how consumption of fossil fuels is causing several damages to the planet and how the adoption of renewable energies would be a potable solution. Cohen’s article is based on two polls that demonstrate how this alternative could be beneficial not only for the planet but also for us, the millennials as we are the future for our planet. The goal of these polls is to convince people that there is a substitute for earth-damaging sources of energies such as natural gas, oil, coal, etc. The problem with the use of these un-renewable energies is that they are a threat to our ecosystem, they are the reason for climate change and pollution. As Cohen mentioned, we are fully aware of the damages of fossil fuels, but in order to put in place renewable energy they need to be reliable, accessible and inexpensive, not to say that it would take years for the process of transition. The two polls results illustrated that the only group who is favoring un-renewable energies are the conservative Republicans, more precisely those who are in control of the federal government. The group who is in favor for the complete usage of renewable energies is mostly young people (our generation) as we are more aware of the negative impacts of un-renewable resources and believe that the future development of technology could help the process of transition. Cohen concludes the article by stating the dangers from fossil fuels are tremendous and that an intervention should be put in place as soon as possible. The article is more of a message for people who are fully informed and aware of the businesses and government role on keeping those energies in place as the damages done by these resources are induced by humans.

Opinion: I believe the author of this article has some good points, and I do understand why renewable energies should be put in place and even prioritized as we are more and more aware of how our actions affect our planet. Therefore, renewable energies are not affordable for everyone as it is a “new” technology, its market price is quite expensive and renewable energies can variate according to the weather. The transition from fossil fuel to renewable energies is feasible with a plan of action that can be accessible for everyone. We are all aware of the dangers fossil fuels and yet we still consume them as they are cheaper and convenient. However, I totally agree with the idea of changing the resources we use, as it would mean we are progressing and taking a step further into evolving.

Link to the article: http://blogs.ei.columbia.edu/2017/07/17/why-renewable-energy-will-replace-fossil-fuels/


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