A Clone For The First Lady Of United States?

by alexsasseville14 on Février 7, 2018 - 11:32am


The “Fake Melania” conspiracy theory, explained by Alex Abad-Santos that was published on Vox.com makes me react. The subject of the article began the 20 October 2017 when Joe Vargas a twitter user published this tweet:  “This is not Melania. To think they would go this far & try & make us think it’s her on TV is mind blowing. Makes me wonder what else is a lie.” In his tweet he has raised a conspiracy theory wich include that Melania Trump, the first lady of United States had a clone. Joe think that the Melania that we see on television is not the real one. Why?  Because she is hiding her face behind sunglasses during official Trump administration events. In addition, Melania never wanted to be first lady. Random you can say? Maybe not! In Vargas view, Trump is “trying to trick the media” He also raises the ideas of the “triangular relationship between the government, the media and what both are telling the public” In my opinion, the article is not credible because it comes from a site that I never heard talk before. Also, I’m a realistic person and I don’t believe in this kind of theory. It sounds like a joke even if I know that Trump can do crazy things! In conclusion, do not always believe what you read.  Find the source, who write it and when. If I sounds credible after that, you can believe it… or choose like me the idea of fake new.

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