Late marriage in Japan

by Konishi fan on Janvier 26, 2018 - 12:38am

Do you want to marry in the future? Are you interested in Marriage? These days, unmarried young people increase more and more. There are some reasons for that. Especially, this problem is getting serious in Japan. Now, there is less social pressure to marry than before, and more people are choosing to stay single of their own will. How do we solve this problem? What are good ways to let them marry?  Then, I will take about late marriage in Japan.

At first, I explain the present situation about late marriage in Japan. Men and women in Japan are marrying later, or sometimes not at all. Since 1970 the average age of first marriage has risen by 4.2 and 5.2 years for men and women respectively, to 31.1 and 29.4(The Economist, 2016). From this passage, we know young people are marrying later through about 50 decades. In addition, only 2% of Japanese children are born outside marriage, compared with over 40% in Britain and America (The Economist, 2016). The reason why foster parents are that it is difficult for foster parents to get permission from real parents in Japan, compare with other countries, so many parents leave their children in the facility, if they cannot bring up their children. The proportion of people who have never married by age 50 hit a record 23.37 percent for men, up 3.23 percentage points from the previous survey in 2010, and a record 14.06 percent for women, up 3.45 points (the japan times, 2017). From this passage, we can see that consciousness of young people is getting lower.

Next, why do it happen this problem? Reasons are that more young people cannot get married even if they wanted to because they cannot picture having a family, particularly a child, because of a lack of opportunity to meet people and of financial success” (the japan times). Recently, many young people get low salary. It is not enough to bring up a child. Roughly 40 percent of Japan's labor force comprises temporary workers, making unstable employment conditions more common than decades ago (the japan times, 2017). Many young people who want to marry want be steady. If this condition will continue, a single will increase more. In addition, many women work in society now. Some women are got maternity harassment when they take off to child care.  It makes them hard to work.

Next, what do we solve this problem? Kitamura said the country needed policies for “stabilizing employment and arranging an environment in which both men and women can work while raising children” (the japan times, 2017). To change common of society is difficult, but all We have to cooperate to solve this problem.

In conclusion, there are many young people who cannot marry if they want to marry. To support them, we have to arrange an environment which like that all young people feel be comfortable, and need to change employment system. We should aim society young people want to marry.


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