We need Change in the Mental Health System

by emillyorsini on Décembre 7, 2017 - 10:02pm


Psychiatric facilities in British Columbia need to rebuild their mental health systems for being unethical with patients. Mental health facilities allowed staff to constrain patients with no explanations, they denied patients the right to have a lawyer and, took away clothing from patients as a way of discipline. The “Operating in Darkness” report states the provincial Mental Health Act allows patients in confinement to be restrained to their beds, giving unwanted drug treatments and, losing their right to cloths.


A non-profit group launched a charter of rights for patients in mental health facilities to fight against this issue. They stated the facilities are not properly treating patients; they strip the patients of their rights to freedom, safety and, equality.  In the facilities, female patient’s cloths are removed by male staff and doctors can make confinement decisions without even meeting with the patient while the patient has no say. Reports show that solitary confinement numbers are growing within the years. The article expresses how changes must be made in the system and that we should not treat patients this inhumane.


When i read this article, i was shocked that patients in mental health facilities are being treated in these ways. I feel it is disgusting that people are being treated in these ways, no matter what their situation is. When reading this article, i realized that it is important to know what is going on in mental health facilities. People admitted in these facilities are their to gain treatment and live safely and get the help they deserve. If people with mental health issues also see what is going on in these facilities, it probably won't tempt them to ask for help. People suffering from mental health issues should be allowed to have the help they need, just as every person in the world who asks for help. People who work in the mental health facilities should be their for the patients, not mistreating their rights in life. Something should be done to protect these patients because any patient suffering from any illness or disorder deserves that right to proper help. Imagine if it were you?


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