Trump does not care about Syrian children

by aisha on Décembre 3, 2017 - 11:57pm

The issue regarding this article is President Trump’s decision to bomb Syria and his sudden change of heart. Once he saw pictures of dead children he says his attitude towards Syria and Assad changed instantly. The media is applauding him for his change of heart, but this article argues that Trump doesn’t truly care. He says he was touched by the children being gassed to death, but still bans them from entering the country. It’s hypocritical. The article says that his empathetic comments towards Syria and Assad were just distractions towards the American people from the investigations of his ties with Russia. Trump needs a boost in his poll numbers, so by making these sympathetic comments he is trying to gain more respect. The author of this article says that in American politics, the best way to prove your presidency is by bombing another country and taking action in war. It’s the most presidential thing Trump can do, by taking part in the American military. However, this does nothing but make Trump look bad politically. The article argues that if Trump really meant what he said about being touched by the Syrian people’s sufferance and these children dying, he would cancel the Muslim ban and open the gates to the thousands of Syrians in desperate need. This article sees right through Trump. It argues that he does not truly care about the Syrian people. He simply cares about his ratings, given that he tried to prove his presidency by bombing Syria. So far the article states that his ratings are not doing so well and there needs to be a change. I believe the author is right regarding Trump’s true intensions. Simply saying the attack had a big effect on him and that it changed his view does not make it true. Actions speak louder than words. His actions of bombing Syria says a lot about Trump, but his hypocritical action of not dropping the Muslim ban and not allowing Syrian immigrants into the country says a lot more. 



Do you believe Trump’s comments about Syrian children were to distract American people from the truth?

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