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by a5162038 on Novembre 28, 2017 - 4:31am

These days, many foreign people come to Japan, because they are interested in Japanese culture, studying different languages and so on. In addition, they have part-time job. Convenience store is very common, and recently many foreign part-timers at Japan’s convenience stores are rising. I will write about the reasons why foreign people have part-time job at convenience store and what I think about it.

First, I’m going to talk about what kind of foreign people working at convenience stores. They are mainly overseas students studying in Japan. About sixty thousand overseas students are studying in Japan. (Nihon Keizai Shimbun.2015) The numbers are increasing every year. They stay in Japan to study Japanese and business. For example, there are some people who become IT engineers and some people want to become cook. Mostly, students are Chinese, second is Vietnamese, third is Korean. Recently, Vietnamese students are increasing. Vietnamese went up about 21.2 times as much as about ten years ago, and Chinese went up about 2.1 times as much as about ten years ago. As I have explained, the number of overseas students increase year by year.

Next, I would like to write about why foreign people have part-time jobs at convenience stores. There are some reasons. At first, the number of Japanese convenience store are increasing, so there are a lot of work offers, easy to work there. Second reason, convenience store job is simple, so easy to understand for foreign part timers. Just work as cashiers and a product display. In addition, many foreign tourists visit Japanese convenience stores, so convenience stores want many foreign students to attend them, so they can receive more foreign tourists. The foreign part timers will increase as far as Japanese convenience stores continue increasing.

In my opinion, it is advantageous that foreign part timers working at convenience stores because they can respond to foreign tourists in their languages if Japanese cannot do it. In addition, the convenience stores prepare training programs for foreign people. The training program is aimed at fostering human resources in developing countries by providing technical skills, technology and knowledge while working in companies or on farms (2017.SEP.18. The Japan times.). I think that this training camp is good. Then, it will be a good environment for foreign part timer work more.

In conclusion, many foreign part timers work at Japanese convenience stores. They have some reasons. For example, Japanese convenience store increase ( year by year so there are a lot of work offers. The advantage is foreign part timers can respond to foreign tourists, if Japanese cannot do it. Advantages can be increased more, which depends on us.

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