Action Research Project -Fundraiser

by DanielBoon on Novembre 12, 2017 - 8:08pm

              Action Research Project -Fundraiser

Goal: We organise a Magic Show to raise funds to support other projects made by our classmates and Champlain Go Green fund. We pursue this goal to improve current financial situation of the Go Green fund and possibility of achievement of other projects goals.


Steps: After project is approved

1. Communicate with Dave Persons to receive a form to borrow a room for 29 November.

2. Start advertisement campaign to promote the show.

Posters will contain:

· Why this event is needed

· Date of this event

· Place of this events

· Price of tickets

3. Sell tickets to the show.

4. Perform at that magic show.

5. Donate money to students with different projects and leftover to Champlain Go Green Fund.

Team tasks:

  • Marco and Sam –Publicity.

  • Michael and Hicham –Tickets

  • Gianni and Danyyil – the Show.

  Is the timeline realistic:

The timeline is realistic. All that is needed for this project to succeed are advertisement and tickets, which can be done in a few weeks, while we have a month.




Potential impacts:

Social benefits:

 -Students will have some fun

Environmental benefits:

-Some of environmental projects will have greater chances to rise

How much will this project cost?

The project does not cost anything. No money is required for the room because the college lends rooms to students who are preparing a project, nor for the equipment as it is already owned by our magician. Tickets and posters that need to be printed can be printed at library, which means that the college will absorb the cost for first 100 pages printed.

Help needed:

•Dave Persons from Student services and College Administration to obtain the permission to perform, place where to perform and collect money for it.

•CSA & Student services to sell tickets.