Proposal for more incentive parking in Mont-Saint-Hilaire

by tanguaymarilou on Novembre 7, 2017 - 5:34pm

In Mont-Saint-Hilaire, an important urban environmental issue is the lack of incentive parking which discourages people to take public transport, in particular buses. According to CITVR, they are only two main incentive parking lots in Mont-Saint-Hilaire. However, one of them, the biggest, which counts 837 places, is almost only used by people taking the train. The remaining places are used for intern taxi-buses: they are almost not used by any citizens. The second incentive parking is the only one used by bus-takers (200 and 300) that goes to Terminus Longueil and downtown Montreal. Nevertheless, this parking lot counts only 27 places. Analyzing the situation of incentive parking places in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, a significant change should be done concerning the availability of parking places in order to encourage people to use more affordable public transport since train is expensive. Currently, it is easier and more efficient to take a car and drive to the final destination than taking public transport because of the complexity encompassing public transportation. Moreover, this situation includes the majority of citizens in Mont-Saint-Hilaire which creates a massive negative impact on environment that needs to be solved by adding incentive parking lots. In effect, according to CITVR, incentive parking permit the saving of gas due to cars utilization, reduction of traffic and protection of environment by limiting GES. Referring to the official website of Mont-Saint-Hilaire city there is a temporary incentive parking counting 500 places near La Maison de la Course on the 116 since March 20th 2017. Hence, we believe that it would be a great idea to keep it permanent for a major benefit. In addition, another solution to this urban environmental issue would be add more parking places accessing the multiple bus stops on the 116.



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