Online Shopping Saving the Planet?

by Hannah on Octobre 31, 2017 - 2:24pm

As Sylvia Thompson wrote in the Irish Times on July 15 2017, the trend of buying clothes online could lead to a rise in people buying used and vintage clothes online, as well as other eco-conscious alternatives to mainstream fashion. For example, as the scarcity of oil is making the production of clothing increasingly expensive, because of the associated cost of materials, major brands like H&M are turning to recycled materials. However, major initiatives in eco-fashion are coming from online retailers, like Mud Jeans, who lease jeans instead of selling them. This is creating a new idea of “newness”, which supports the purchase of used or recycled goods instead of brand new articles which will be discarded once they outlive their use for the initial buyer. Various websites supported by “new power”, that is, businesses working through a collective as opposed to the hierarchical structure of “old power” corporations, are emerging to occupy the new market for easily available clothes. By allowing people to start their own “shops” to sell their used clothes under the banner of one company, people will not only be able to rid themselves of old clothes without creating waste, but also to make profit off of them.


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