The Impacts of Waste on Health

by louismekhael on Octobre 27, 2017 - 1:34pm

All around the world, it happens that certain countries have difficulty with their waste management. In fact, this major problem in different location can be dangerous for certain humans being health. Some, can be affected by what we call; hazardous waste. This kind of garbage is most of the time composed of toxic chemicals that can come from factories and can be very dangerous for human health. So, a study has been done on the subject to know exactly how bad waste management can affect health. For this study, they analyzed population that are exposed to this said hazardous waste. They analyzed the environment where these people lived and interviewed the residents to link waste and its impact on health. In the end, the studies and research reported more than one health outcome and residential exposure to hazardous waste. The study took place in Abidjan near the sites where about 500 tons of hazardous waste was illegally dumped. In fact, it causes many diseases such cancers affecting livers, bladder, breast, and testis. So, it is clear that a bad waste management is not only bad for the economy in a country but also for its population that are suffering from it. Countries should invest more in green solutions and use their waste to produce energy, so it could diminish their landfills and keep their population healthy.  



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