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An article written by Neerja Deodhar, on October 23rd, 2017, on Firstpost, talks about a movement that started the trend of #MeToo campaign on social media. After the accusations made against Harvey Weinstein, a Hollywood producer, more people are coming out as victims of harassment and rape using the #MeToo. It looks like thousands of women and men opened up about their horrible experience. A lot of negative comments were left under posts. Some people couldn’t grasp the fact that these people were angry and wanted justice for what they had to suffer. More than one people said that the #MeToo campaign wasn’t objective and that the victims should engage with people by using logic and not angriness. Meme pages started to create post on that and how women were using it to get attention. Someone wrote on a twitter account that he found it “funny how some of the ugliest women are claiming to have been daily eve teased and molested”. He is basically saying that only beautiful women are being raped. Which is the dumbest thing ever written because he thinks that harassment is not a problem that affects all women. There has been a lot of comment as “feminists just want to see the world burn”, “not worth fighting for this cause”, “but what about men?”, “women are Nazis, feminism is cancer”, and a whole lot more…  


You can read more about this subject in a journal called “Nation”. An article written by Katha Pollitt called “The Male-Gazer in Chief” explains a lot about the issue of feminism using as example the nudes of Marilyn Monroe being publish without her consent.

There’s also the journal “U.S. News – The Report” that is pretty useful. An article written by Leora Tanenbaum called “We’re All Sluts Now.” explore a different view on feminism.

Another journal would be “Publishers Weekly”. An article written by Andrew Joyner called “The Pink Hat” talks about women’s right. 

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