Volunteer Opportunity With the Défi Sportif Altergo

by Rice on Octobre 16, 2017 - 11:10pm

Défi Sportif Altergo,is a committed, competitive and driven organisation, “dedicated to the social inclusion of athletes with functional limitations.” They have a positive effect on these athletes, by  giving them the opportunity to compete in competitions at a high-level against people who have been going through the same thing as they are. Often as it shared http://www.homeopathicpluscentre.com/why-sports-are-good-not-just-for-health-but-for-life/ , sport helps people, in all the different spheres of there lives. DSA has an Ongoing project of making, the practice of sports at a high level accessible to all, no matter their impairment.

If you want to help this wonderful organisation, right now they are  preparing  for the Pan American Volleyball Championship, and the annual 7 days of competition in Montreal, and they are looking for people to referee, help prepare food and to help set up the equipment for these huge events.



Contact information:

Défi Sportif Altergo

Tel: 514-933-2739 poste 228.

Email: benevoles@defisportif.com


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