When Russia becomes a Mediator

by Louis von Bergaby on Septembre 6, 2017 - 9:09pm

The world has seen since a few months a rising of the military tensions between the United States and North Korea. In fact, after a sixth successful nuclear test including one that caused a 6.3 earthquake on September 3rd, North Korea seems on its way to pursue his dream to possess the nuclear bomb. If we know that the US are not against the idea of a military action, China asked for a pacific dialogue between the two belligerents in a way to solve the conflict without creating a war.


After North Korea’s last nuclear test on Sunday, the US asked the United Nations to impose new sanctions against the Asian country. However, Russia who stayed relatively low key since the beginning of the tensions declared that no peace could be instaured in the Korean peninsula with sanctions and arms, wrote Chris Brown in an article published on September 6th on CBS. The article claims that Russia stands with China with the opinion of solving the conflict with diplomacy instead of arms.   


According Russia, “the first step for a peace should be a moratorium on new ballistic missiles tests and an alleviation of sanctions by the US and the UN Security Council on North Korea”. That means that the only way to reach a peace in the Korean peninsula is for the US to withdraw the american troops and for Kim Jong-un’s country to stop the progression of its nuclear program. According the article, it is only then that the two enemy countries could start negotiating a peace.

Also, Russia warned the United States to not get submerged by the emotions after President Trump declared that he would respond to North Korea with “fire and fury like the world has never seen” if Kim Jong-un would attack the US or its allies.


CBC news is a website we can trust because it is hold by the Canadian government so we know that the informations are reliable. Also, a big factor of why we can trust CBC is that it is not the only website to provide these informations. The medias all around the world have shared the same informations so we can be sure that they are true and verified.  


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