Genetically Modified Salmon Could End Up On Your Plate

by Corali on Septembre 5, 2017 - 9:13pm

Genetically modified animals are part of science fiction movie, but what happens when it comes real? In May 2016, AquaBounty Technologies, an American company, received the approval for selling genetically modified (GM) salmon in Canada. In fact, these fishes grow twice as fast as normal Atlantic salmon. “It’s the first time genetically modified animal products have been sold to the public anywhere,” say Anna Maria Tremonti news article “Would you eat genetically modified fish? You may have already” published August 14, 2017, on radio shows.


But what is the matter?

It’s because we do not know which one is the GM one on the fish counter. There is no law for labeling GM products. They can not assume that we don’t care about it. For religious value or ethical and health concerns, we have the right to know. Maybe Health Canada approved GM salmons but they do not do by themselves the testing. Like Lucy Sharratt, a coordinator for the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, said: “Instead the government relies on data information that’s provided by the company”. Which company will give bad information about themselves, do any of them will say that their product isn’t approvable?


I find this source reliable because it published by the famous tv, radio and information provider that is CBC. Also, there is other article that confirms this information. This article passed in radio and was writing directly on the website of CBC. The author is also an know figure and won an award for her report. This is why I think my source is reliable.


In general, if you want to know if your source is reliable you can search for other similar news on the net and look for information on the author. Ask you these question: Is he write a lot? For who he writes? Where his article is posted? Finally, you need to find your own opinion because there will always be people to confirm or disconfirm information. But remember, the truth is not white or black.


By Corali

September 5, 2017




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